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You Were Wrong About The Order 1886: Here’s Why

This was a game everyone loved to hate, even when they never once touched the controller. You were, however, wrong about The Order 1886. Here’s why.

It’s been about two and a half years since The Order 1886 pushed the boundaries of what graphics were capable of on consoles. The game was a 3rd person cover shooter that was set in alternate history. Specifically, Steampunk era Victorian England, circa 1886, obviously. The game received very little praise, being called an interactive movie, a tired concept, a walking simulator, and too short. Well, now that the PS4 has a litany of games and exclusives under its belt. Let’s look back on the Order 1886 and see if this dredged up carcass deserves its pair of concrete boots.

Let’s start with the complaints the game suffered from. The major complaint was the 3rd person cover shooters had long since been tired out in last Gen. While this is a valid point, we still see 3rd person cover shooters emerging with success. Gears 4, Gears anniversary, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and The Division all had these mechanics to no great detriment. So personally I feel it’s just an unfair point. The game was in development since before the PS4 was even known about to the public, so one could expect some carry over of refined ideas from the previous generation.

The next complaint is that the game was more like a short interactive movie. While yes, the game does do a lot of hand holding and seeks style over substance. We see lots of games that use this strategy to tell an engaging story, and thus feel like “interactive movies”. Until Dawn is one great example of a game that was a classic horror movie plot set up with interactive bits. So the Order may have lots of cutscenes, but the complaints it’s a 5 hour game with 4 hours of cutscenes was massively blown out of proportion. More accurately, it’s about an 8 hour game with perhaps 1.5 hours of cutscenes. A giant reversal of what you likely heard over and over while surfing the web about this game. 

The next point was that in a game about hunting werewolves and vampires, you do neither. There are 10 werewolves in-game, and any other time you’re fighting Humans. This was a key let down. I signed up for a Steampunk game about killing werewolves in London Town and got: Victorian Steampunk bourgeois hit squad. Fortunately, Bloodborne came out shortly after and sated those needs.

So the Order 1886 was lacking in its promise and pushed the story element a bit far over gameplay. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t note its high points. Gamers have been far more lenient towards games who had far more and did much less… I’m looking at you Halo, Destiny, and Mass Effect!

First, I’m going to break tradition and principle and say. The graphics of this game did matter. The game looks phenomenal, even still today it’s one of the best looking games you can play. The way the fabrics move, the way the color palettes are clearly defined. The architecture from the insides of the palace, to the Whitechapel slums, looks authentic beyond compare. The facial movements and expressions are so exquisite it’s sometimes hard to tell they’re animated. The developers clearly spent a lot of time building the world, and it shows. This was where a lot of the effort went, and you can’t really say it was wasted effort. To remove certain excess rooms and hallways is to say you are okay with running down a linear hallway.

The weapons, while sparse, are incredibly inventive and fun, and set up into your standard classes. Auto pistol, revolver, hand cannon, base pistol. Things like that. You do get a few Steampunk “inspired weapons” such as an Arc lance that shoots bolts of lightning at enemies with some random hits. If you’re shooting at 3 enemies you don’t get to pick which one gets hit. Mostly, however, you’re going to be using traditional weapons. Although, when you do get the fun toys you get to use them plenty.

There are some gimmicky mechanics, but they’re easily dismissable. The game’s job was to show off all the neat stuff the PS4 can do. From using your PS4 pad to send Morse code, to the bullet-time inspired “Black sight”. Or as I like to call it, “John Wick vision”.

The best part about this game though is its atmosphere and universe. This is a game I could see a sequel come out of: Say The Order 1870, or something like that. I would hope the devs, or whoever got a chance to work on it would upscale and refine the concept into something even more refined and special. Rather than being a tad milquetoast showcase of a game. I don’t shun the game though for being short. To be honest, I enjoyed playing it more than most games as of late, and the Order is a testament to what happens when games explore untapped areas. Steampunk has been one of those off-and-away locations in Gamer-land that has a lot of potential. I also have a vacation home in Steampunk land, call me bias. Its schools are nice and the real estate value is solid.

The game also has a superb story voiced by some of the best voice actors in the industry. A story of intrigue, loss, and betrayal that won’t leave you unimpressed. Getting to meet real world people like Nikola Tesla and being able to see some of his creations come to life in the game were excellent additions. The only thing the game will leave you wanting for is a proper sequel that fleshes out the story of England and lets us explore to our heart’s content.

The game was, and still is, often misunderstood. Just because the game didn’t try anything new, or innovate people instantly shot it down. But that’s just the thing, Ready At Dawn weren’t trying to do new, they were trying to perfect what had been done and abandoned. Great story telling, gorgeous graphics, unique guns, engaging world and phenomenal execution. Just because something isn’t new, doesn’t mean it’s bad. They did everything they set out to do and did it with pinpoint accuracy.

The Order 1886 was a showcase game for the PS4, and had a ton of potential for greatness. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and had some areas for improvement. But the gamers put unrealistic, and unfair expectations on a game and brutally shot down its chances at life. Yet underneath all that, it was a game deserving of your attention. It was clear much of its hate came from people who never played it too. Seeing all the echoed “complaints” that were outright false.

It’s sad really, the game deserved more than it got. It was used more as a showcase than a respected game, and that’s likely why it never got a real foothold. But it’s far from a bad game, it’s a great twist on a generic concept. It’s a title we hope Sony is willing to look at again down the line and give it one more chance at greatness, because this beaten down game was already great, it was just never given a chance.

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  • YuriFan

    How can you be wrong about an opinion.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Probably had some of the best weapons and cover shooting in a game this generation. Yes it has it’s faults, but the Order 1886 is a better game than ppl want to tell you. Please give me a sequel with that Thermite Rifle and Coach Shotgun!


      With a spit of polish and a multiplayer I’ll be a day one buyer…

      • SkoolHouseRoxx

        I wouldn’t care about multiplayer, but even I know they missed out on an opportunity when they didn’t put it in the first game!

  • suli559

    It made enough money for them to want to make a sequel. The sequel will be one of the best games ever made for sure cus part 1 was just epic

  • GrimmyReaper

    I never played the game so my opinion is solely based on what I see online.
    But my opinion is beside the point. You cannot call people’s opinion wrong really.
    Or they can do the same with yours.

    If you liked the game, then great. More power to you and I would not want to take away your enjoyment of the game.
    However, many complaints reoccur when people talk about the game.
    The lack luster story, the length for the price, the bosses, the AI, the QTE’s and the exploration that had little to no point.
    These keep arising and well, from what I saw online, most of that seems true.

    You cannot fault people if these concerns genuinely got in the way of there enjoyment of the game.
    And again in turn though, I don’t think people can discredit your opinion if you did like the game.
    In the end, having more perspectives of the game from people helps understand one another better.

    In closing, I am glad you liked the game. It doesn’t look something for me but then again, that’s why I didn’t buy it.

    • Mídnight Koi

      Seriously. Buy it used at GameStop. It’s, like, $4. Platinum it and return it within the 7 day policy. It’s a beautiful game, and really shows the power of the PS4, especially the Pro. Great experience, and you can get your money back easily.

  • I’ve never seen the Knights of the Round, werewolves, and vampires in such a boring story before. I still can’t understand how they made it so boring.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Probably because you didn’t play it?

  • sampson3121

    100% true. I hope they make a sequel because i would by it day one.

  • Orionsangel

    It’s my theory that this game was never finished. It abruptly ends with too many plot holes. Before that I was enjoying it and excited to see where the story was going, but then it was quickly over. I was left asking, that’s it? What about her and him and that character? They said they were gonna do this and that and that we were gonna do this thing. What happens next? Why is the game over?

    • sampson3121

      They were most likely expecting to make a sequel, and considering the amount of time they spent creating the world, they divided it into parts. I remember Lucas talking about a similar problem with Star Wars, he had to make it into episodes.

      I wish they would make the next part, it was getting good.

  • MiamiBeachMedMan

    I bought it. Got platinum. Was satisfied.


    This was a pretty good game. Honestly not worth the $60-50 full AAA retail price, but a purchase of $40, or less is a steal in my personal opinion… I bought the game for $5 years later after release and that was after renting it twice…. It was worth it for the hours of enjoyment I have gotten.

  • LordCancer Kain

    why am i burning vampires alive? because the chancellor keeps wolves for pets dummy!



    i would never play a sequel to this game unless the announcement trailer showed every one of these useless immoral trash characters being murdered. like play as a vampire on a revenge quest for the complete unprovoked genocide you are forced to commit for no reason while the chancellor is keeping wolves and kicking you out your house!?! WHAT! the hell just happened?

    this game was mostly terrible, if you ignore the lame repeat boss sequences, the over use of qte’s, because the story was garbage. the chancellor allowed the werewolves to infiltrate the order, turns everyone against Galahad and then tells galahad he has to except exile because the truth would destroy the order, WHAT? like NO! F the order and F U BRO!!! as if the one responsible for everything gone wrong is the one that should be allowed to go unpunished, WHAT? Galahad is like, “ok” WHAT? where did his rage go from when he stormed that bridge? i guess we didn’t have time to rebuild his rage meter before the final encounter… and now he is the chancellors whipped dog? because the truth was sooo shocking right? every so called friend turns on galahad? so easily manipulated by the corrupt chancellor and his lies and how quick and eager they are to unleash their hatred on galahad. this was seriously star wars level drivel. and frankly the order was pretty terrible at its job anyway.

    ready at dawn should have worried more about the first act then setting up trashy trilogy. thanks for the easy plat i guess but the whole ip should burn like the sleeping vampires who never did no nothing to anybody.

    if you gonna do cinematic game, you fundamentally have to nail the story! ready at dawn failed miserably, if the story had been better people may have been more forgiving of the gameplay bits that were particularly average to mediocre. so let it die, stop defending this pos game and go play Hellblade! a much, much better example of how to do this story thing except the gameplay is good too.

  • DarthDiggler

    The game didn’t receive very little praise, being called an interactive movie, a tired concept, a walking simulator, and too short.

    I think you mean…

    The game received very little praise, being called an interactive movie, a tired concept, a walking simulator, and too short.

    Rather than being a tad milquetoast showcase of a game.

    Milquetoast refers to a timid person. I wouldn’t call The Order 1886 timid, many of the design decisions were quite bold and the game engine was fairly robust. This word gets over used these days it has origins in a cartoon character called Caspar Milquetoast from the 1920’s.

    • sampson3121

      Take that pickle out of your ass

      • J.j. Barrington

        Thanks for your less than stellar contribution.

  • Dennis Gammaray

    this game was only hated by sheep….

    • DarthDiggler


      These days it seems gamers are very prone to “group think” and attaching themselves to false or exaggerated narratives. One only has to refer back to No Man’s Sky release and the laundry list of items that were “missing”, which was splitting hairs and making mountains out of mole hills for the most part.

      Now the biggest missing feature was the so called lack of “multiplayer” or “coop” gameplay. Which was a great example of a exaggerated narrative. Sean Murray never promised multiplayer or coop. He specifically said you would be able to see other players. Granted not having ANY player to player interactivity did not help him AT ALL.

  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    While the game was a good two day rent from redbox, it’s really not a good game. The A.I. of the halfbreeds was just laughable, I haven’t played something that bad in a very long time, mid 90’s comes to mind. The pickup items were pointless. Story started off good but was really slow and adding the vampires at the end were just a little to much. The QTE’s were of a mixed bag, the ones against humans were not all that bad and kinda fun, but again the ones with the halfbreeds were just the same every time, and got to be a bore. Given these things the fact it was a short game got much more highlighted. Nothing is wrong with a short game. Inside or currently Hellblade are short but it’s fine in both those games due to being much better games. The Order good rental or $9.99 dollar game, but anything else is going to make ya mad.

  • Mike Jones

    not everyone cares about graphics…games like gears and uncharted are not only much bigger games story mode wise,but also have fully fleshed out multiplayer which contributes greatly to their popularity…so nobody was wrong about anything but thanks anyways for putting more shovelware on n4g and presenting your opinions as facts just like every other dopey gaming “journalist” in the world

    • J.j. Barrington

      There are many things wrong with your argument, like saying this game should have been of the scope of a Gears or Uncharted, or even equating multiplayer, when the first Uncharted didn’t have it and, as you might have said “not everyone cares about” multiplayer, anyway.

      When people said the game was 4-5 hours long, they were wrong. When they said the gameplay was bad, they were wrong, though there are flaws, as any game has. And while it might not have a fully fleshed-out multiplayer, it DOES have such a world and characters. Shovelware, by the way, refers to software and not articles making YOU far more wrong than this article could ever be.

      Especially when you push the “fact” that this article’s opinion is wrong… and fail to realize that’s not a fact, but just your own silly opinion that you’re pushing as fact.

      • Mike Jones

        i didnt say anything about changing the scope of the game, i merely pointed out why those other 3rd person shooters are popular since you brought them up as comparable games even though they have nothing at all in common with the order outside of being in a 3rd person perspective….i didnt say anything about the length or the gameplay….and your article didnt put forth an opinion it said people were wrong…2+2=5 is wrong…2+2 is a cool math problem is an opinion…but then again you not understanding the difference between facts and opinions is why we are here in the first place isnt it

        • Cobra Commander

          Uhhh, you aren’t arguing with the article’s author, genius.

          • Mike Jones

            well could have fooled me…also youre not refuting or contributing anything,genius : )

          • DarthDiggler


            well could have fooled me…also youre not refuting or contributing anything,genius)

            He was just informing you that you were not arguing with the person who wrote the article. Are you really this dense dude? Seriously get a freaking clue bro!

            Have yourself a good weekend. I have better things to do than argue with emotional assclowns on the internet.

          • Mike Jones

            yes he was clearly just giving me some basic information and he quite literally thinks im a genius and was just paying me a compliment….my apologies oh great wise one who has insulted me in every response while claiming such behavior is why i am beneath him

          • J.j. Barrington

            You’re beneath others… well, because you are.

          • J.j. Barrington

            But neither are you, genius.

          • Mike Jones

            thats your opinion as opposed to my fact…but thank you for your heartfelt compliment again

          • J.j. Barrington

            Which fact did you present?

        • DarthDiggler


          i didnt say anything about changing the scope of the game, i merely pointed out why those other 3rd person shooters are popular since you brought them up as comparable games even though they have nothing at all in common with the order outside of being in a 3rd person perspective.

          The comparison was only made in the context of cover based shooters. Is English your 2nd or 3rd language? You seem to have a really hard time understanding fairly basic terms like Op Ed or Cover Based Shooter.

          .i didnt say anything about the length or the gameplay….and your article didnt put forth an opinion it said people were wrong.

          It is the opinion of the author that people were wrong about The Order 1886, that is a valid opinion. It’s not necessarily a true fact. Ironically you are the one disguising your opinions as facts. It is your opinion that this author is wrong about The Order 1886 yet you present this opinion as fact.


          you not understanding the difference between facts and opinions is why we are here in the first place isnt it

          Actually it seems you are the one that are having issues with the differences my friend. When you in a hole stop digging.

          I had my issues with this game, but I always thought the critics were way to harsh on the title.

          • Mike Jones

            so go ahead and tell me which of my opinions were presented as facts

          • DarthDiggler


            so go ahead and tell me which of my opinions were presented as facts

            You replied to my comment immediately, and the content of your reply showcases you didn’t even read my comment. This tells me you are not an intellectually curious person interested in a spirited debate you are just having knee-jerk reactions to what people say without bothering to comprehend what they said.

          • Mike Jones

            or i was here responding to another comment and yours popped up,and i asked you about a specific part of your comment so unless you think im psychic i clearly read it…now onto the part where i presented an opinion as a fact please?

          • DarthDiggler


            Were you dropped on your head as a child? Did you eat paint chips? Did you take the short bus to school?


          • Mike Jones

            well i just assumed you copy and pasted a massive typo….to me the title and tone of the article clearly meant to imply there were going to misconceptions that the author was going to prove wrong,and then he just gave a bunch of opinions….maybe you read way more articles like this than me and are used to it but theres not much i can do about that…so is that nitpick your only example of me presenting a fact as an opinion?…duly noted i guess

          • DarthDiggler


            maybe you read way more

            Even with your poor 3rd grade level English that is the most accurate statement you have made on this comment thread.

          • Mike Jones

            oh look its the guy who said he was done coming back to throw around more insults…who could have guessed

        • J.j. Barrington

          Still finding it funny that you thought I wrote the article and commented accordingly; it invalidates pretty much everything you said because of that.

          As for correct/incorrect opinions, they can be considered “wrong” when based on incorrect information(like your whole comment, which was based on the assumption that I wrote the article. The irony is that this only cements the idea that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, and are, yourself, trying to pass off opinion as fact. By the way, which opinion in the article is passed off as a fact?

          • Mike Jones


    • DarthDiggler


      presenting your opinions as facts just like every other dopey gaming “journalist” in the world

      Its an oped man. You don’t seem to understand what that means.