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We Happy Few Joins PlayStation And Gets Release Date

Crowdfunded success story We Happy Few gets console release date, including a PS4 version. Compulsion Games, the Montreal based company responsible for Contrast has teamed up with Gearbox publishing to bring the game to the happy masses.

Be sure to take your Joy

You won’t need your feel good medicine when you hear all that comes with this complete game release. The full-length story campaign, three playable characters, and over 250 unique encounters add to what we’ve seen so far. And what we’ve seen so far has been fantastic. The first person action and dynamic play options really add a depth to the sand box gaming experience we haven’t seen much of yet.

Dystopian Past

Set in 1960’s Britain era, step into the role of a “Downer,” a nonconformist trying to break out of an illusory existence. This creepy adventure about survival and paranoia can draw some parallels to the film “Equilibrium.” If the movie were set in a post World War II steam-punk-ish English town. The stunning visuals and moody soundtrack have added a great atmosphere.

Happy is the country with no past

And happy is the consumer who, after already purchasing the early access edition of the game, can buy the collector’s edition without having to buy a second copy of the title. The collector’s edition contains such highly sought things as a vinyl soundtrack, “joy” alarm clock, lamp and other items that every happy go lemming needs.

Don’t be a Downer

Head out to preorder this Kickstarter success story. Depending on your platform, you will receive different bonuses for doing so. The game releases April 13th, 2018 world wide, making it feel like Wellington Wells everywhere. Check out more about the game here.

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