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A Reminder That We Happy Few Is Delayed Until Summer 2018

As April draws near we are reminded of the original release date of We Happy Few. The game was delayed until Summer 2018 due to the developer wanting to enhance the storyline within the first 2 hours of the game and to “fine tune” other parts.

Last August, we were happy to cover that We Happy Few would be coming to the PlayStation 4 with a release date of April 13th this year. As that date draws near we are reminded that the game was delayed and that we have to wait a few more months to partake in the joy of We Happy Few. In January, Compulsion Games announced that We Happy Few would be getting a few “fine-tuned” touches regarding the storyline. At that time they also announced that they would be stopping the Steam early access sales and refunding all players who had purchased the game.

We Happy Few

As a lover of Contrast and someone who had the privilege of seeing the game in play, I have to say I am sad to see that it will be delayed even further than before. Although, while I am sad at this delay I am also glad they are spending more time to perfect an already good game. And as Tim has said recently, we believe in game delays, and even encourage them if they’re necessary.

The original game gave the player a chance to play only as one character, but we will now be given the chance to play 3 characters that have rebelled against the Joy. With Complusion stating that the game will officially be released in Summer 2018, I do hope they mean the beginning of the summer rather than the end. I don’t know about you, but I will also be following them as they give updates every week!

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