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VR Isn’t Dead or Dying…

It’s changing, it’s growing, and with each new game, it’s getting better and better. VR is very much alive.

Fuck Dean Hall

There have been a lot of concerns in the last year about the state of VR. With comments from people like Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ saying, “There’s no money in it.” and many others, it’s no wonder a lot of people aren’t jumping on the VR wagon. Well, fuck Dean Hall anyways. The guy made a mod and, when given the chance to make a full DayZ game fucked it all up and hasn’t done shit to fix it. Here’s the truth though Coin Droppers, VR is expanding. It’s growing and developers are learning how to make bigger and better games for it daily.


Exponential Growth

The thing about VR that no one seems to understand is it’s not going from a current world of programming to a next step. The difference here is the difference between games not existing and pong. It’s a completely new way of programming that’s never been done before. Of course, there’s going to be a learning curve and some stumbling. However, look how far gaming has come just from the early 90’s to now. We went from 16bit to 4k in just over twenty-five years. Given the same amount of time, don’t you think VR will have forever changed the gaming landscape? We could live in a world where .hack//sign is a REAL MMO!


Lowering The Admission Fee

This all sounds awesome but I get it. You’ve got some concerns. One of them being the cost just to get a VR headset let alone a system that can run it. Well, the good news here is two-fold. One, for those of you so out of the loop that you don’t know PSVR is a thing… it’s a thing and it’s not going away. Go getcha one if you have a PS4 and join the VR movement. Two, the cost for a VR capable PC is dropping significantly and quickly. In January of 2016, the average cost of buying JUST a VR ready PC was around $1500 and the Oculus Rift was $600 Dollars itself. Now you can pick up a VR ready rig for around $900.00 and an Oculus Rift PLUS Touch Controls for $400.00.


Never A Bad Time To Buy

Sure, that’s not as cheap as a PS4 and PSVR or even a PS4 Pro and PSVR. But, as someone who’s played on both the PSVR and the Rift, I was amazed at how much better the Rift was. This is by no means a slam against the PSVR as it’s a great rig in its own right. It’s just being held back by the slightly dated hardware. However, the PSVR is so well priced it sold almost 500,000 units this holiday season alone. In fact, VR as a whole shipped 1 million units in the same time, which is pretty damn good for such a “niche market”. It also indicates that it’s becoming less of a niche market and is actually growing.   


VR Isn’t Without Issues

VR isn’t a dying market, it’s an emerging one. We will continue to see more content (We fucking better with sales like that.) that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in VR. That’s not to say there won’t be issues and adverse effects, especially because some already exist. The most common issue for people all over the world is VR Sickness. Fear not though, because there are many remedies for this ailment. I personally take 2,000 mg of ginger 30 minutes before playing VR because it’s a natural remedy for nausea and can cripple it before it cripples you. But luckily, there are other potential fixes that may work for you as well.


The VR Revolution

VR is very far from dead and with companies like Facebook, HTC, and Sony throwing money at it do you really believe they’re going to LET it die? I sure as hell don’t.  Let us know in the comments what you think of VR and what some of your concerns, issues, or general thoughts are. We’ll be happy to address them and provide answers to any questions you have. See you in Virtual Space Coin Droppers.


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