• The Void Rains Upon her Heart. Review by Whimsy
  • The Void Rains Upon her Heart. Review by Whimsy
  • The Void Rains Upon her Heart. Review by Whimsy
  • The Void Rains Upon her Heart. Review by Whimsy

The Void Rains Upon her Heart – Early Access Review by Whimsy

The Void Rains Upon her Heart is a bullet hell that recently arrived on Steam as an Early Access title. Here is my experience with the new game.

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a boss rush bullet hell game. I love bullet hell games, and anything with a boss rush mode is always fun for me, so when you give me a game that combines both, you can bet it has my attention.

But what did I learn from this experience? Well, let me tell you what this game from Veyeral Games and The Hidden Levels has to offer.

The Story: An Alien Heart


For starters, the story of The Void Rains Upon Her Heart follows the young Zaraden women all alone in the Void. She couldn’t go away, for the monsters would find her. She wished she could fly away, but she lacks the wings for that… however, she would not give up. For she had found the ultimate power: she could love the monsters, love them until they love her back… or she would just fall into the void.

A simple storyline, really. Although, an interesting aspect is the narration. I just told you the condensed version of it. In the original narration there are two sides, our kind narrator, and a harsher narrator who often make remarks about our state, or mocks the situation:

It gives a nice contrast to the feelings on the darkness that is the void.

Having covered the story, let me give you the quick tour around the gameplay.

Venturing into the Darkness, the Rain Upon Her Heart:

In The Void Rains Upon her Heart, we are represented by a heart flying through the sky, fighting the bosses in a simple bullet hell game. But the thing is, we only have few things to remember. For starters there are two modes, Story and Quickplay:

Once you pick your game mode, The Void Rains Upon her Heart follows these simple mechanics:

  • Shooting: This is done automatically without needing to press anything, but if you hold the charge button you will start to charge a more powerful shot. This shot can be used to destroy certain obstacles the bosses create in an attempt to block your path or hurt you. It can also work to destroy a boss’s weak point faster than the automatic shooting can.
  • Focus: I like to call focus the brakes of the game. It allows you to do some precise movements as you keep the focus key pressed. Sometimes you don’t need to go around braking your speed. But this is a bullet hell, and in the harder moments you will need that precision movement, unless you have figured out the whole pattern.
  • Panic: The game gives you a panic button, for whenever you feel the bullets around you have become an unavoidable rain falling upon you. Dubbed “the panic attack,” it creates a circle around you that erases all the bullets it touches while it is active. Take it as a reset of the pattern. It does little damage to the boss, but it works great for those times when you find yourself under too much enemy fire.

Defeating a boss will also earn you rewards, called gifts. Defeating a boss following certain conditions, such as no panic attacks, no charge shots, no focus, or no damage taken, earns the player things like making a combo on a boss deal 75% of their health as damage, or at times earning a higher score from the fight.

Defeating a boss with a great performance will give you Karma, which is a measure of how good you are at playing the game. Karma will also start to offer you more challenging enemies as a way for you to tailor the game to be as hard as you want it to be. Things like not using panic attacks, or not taking any damage will increase your Karma. This is a good mechanic that honestly prevents the game from becoming too easy and challenges you according to your level of ability.

Making a combo means you damage the boss in a constant matter, without taking a rest. This can be done through multiple charge shots, or by never canceling the auto shooting. Although, it is easier to keep a combo through charge shots.

The game is a short rush, though. Nine battles and you are all set to go for the Void.

Defeat the enemies, earn points, and in the end, you can get the boss’s cards by paying in-game currency. This process is called Radiate. Radiated cards will allow you to fight those enemies again on Quickplay. This allows you to fight enemies to earn faster rewards, and thus a faster means to Radiate more cards. In the end, this is a fun collectible with a usage, as Radiating a card will tell you all the weak points and strengths of the enemy, plus a small bio about them.

Ending Notes of the Travel Through the Void:

Fourteen bosses, two modes to play, three difficulty settings, and two hearts to go for. The Void Rains Upon Her Heart might not be super long in comparison to other games, but it is a good experience. I would recommend The Void Rains Upon Her Heart to someone who is not into bullet hell games but wishes to practice for tougher games.

The music is good, maybe not great, but it allows the player to feel the tension going around. Each of the fourteen bosses aren’t too different from each other, which makes sense since as they are all related, but they still offer a challenge. The patterns can change, and the difficulty spikes are as hard as you wish them to be.

All in all, I think The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is a good game. There are definitely harder bullet hell games out there, and some are more known, but that shouldn’t count against this one. While the game still feels a bit short to me, it works. It delivers what it offers, and I found myself accumulating a few hours on quickplay in order to finish my collection of the cards.

For $7.99 on Steam, I think is worth it. And I encourage everyone to join the quest for the 78 achievements on Steam. The team from Veyeral Games and The Hidden Levels did a good job on this game, and it can only get better as it makes its way through Early Access.

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