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Torbjörn’s Daughter, Brigette, is Officially the Newest Hero in Overwatch

After teasing fans all week, Overwatch has finally announced Brigette as the newest member of Overwatch. As Torbjörn’s youngest daughter and Reinhardt’s squire, she puts her own unique spin on a fighting style derived from both her mentors.

Overwatch fans have known for a while that a new hero was coming, but no one suspected it would be Brigette. Until earlier this week when Blizzard started dropping hints to set fan speculation on fire.

The Tease

It started with a declassified action report which suggested that Reinhardt had saved Torbjörn’s life in the incident that claimed Torbjörn’s arm. (Resulting in Torbjörn’s well-known mechanical arm).

Then, a letter from Torbjörn to his wife teased fans further. According to the letter, as a thank you for saving his life, Törbjorn picked Reinhardt to be the godfather of his unborn daughter. Taking full advantage of the honor, Reinhardt pressed Törbjorn for the opportunity to name the child.

After that came the images. Design specs for a flail and a shield further solidified suspicions that a new hero was on the horizon and that Brigette, Reinhardt’s travel companion from the comics, could be that hero.

Overwatch Brigette Tease Flail

The New Hero

And now, Brigette has been officially announced. Brigette is the daughter of Törbjorn and grew up listening to Reinhardt’s stories of heroism. She learned a great deal from her father as his apprentice, but later she decided to travel with Reinhardt as his mechanic. She repaired his armor, hammer, and sometimes the old man himself as he fought for those who could not fight for themselves. But she soon recognized that there was only so much she could do from the sidelines. She built herself some armor and trained with Reinhardt so she could join the fight.

Brigette’s Fighting Style: A Mix of Tanking and Healing

It is no surprise that Brigette’s fighting style derives from both Törbjorn and Reinhardt. But I have to say, I love Blizzard’s ability to blend story and mechanics as they have with Brigette’s kit.

Overwatch Brigette Concept Art

Brigette has armor packs like her father and a shield like her godfather. But these abilities aren’t carbon copies from her predecessors. Brigette’s repair packs can heal allies, only providing armor if said ally is already at full health. Meanwhile, her shield is smaller than Reinhardt’s, better for blocking personal damage or shielding allies in tight corridors, much like D.Va’s shield. And that shield can be used for a shield bash, handy for disrupting the enemy without sacrificing defense, which has always been a problematic tradeoff with Reinhardt’s charge. These abilities are handy for saving teammates from a bad situation or setting them up for a great engage.

To round out her kit, Brigette has brought a few tools all her own. Her weapon of choice is a flail that can be used to disrupt the enemy team or peel an assassin off an ailing ally. Her ultimate is Rally, an ability that provides nearby allies with armor and boosts Brigette’s movement speed, putting her in a great position to lead an assault or a strategic retreat.

Full details on her kit can be found here.

Overwatch Brigette Tease Image Shield

Brigette’s Place in the Meta

Brigette is arriving in the wake of Mercy nerfs, a change which has opened the doors for greater variety in the support role. (Coincidence? I think not.) That being said, Brigette brings a unique twist to the role of support, fulfilling both the roles of a healer and a tank.

While it will be a while before we see her in action – she still has to spend some time in the PTR before she is officially released – I am incredibly curious to see how the Overwatch League utilizes her in competitive play.


Torbjörn’s Daughter, and Reinhardt’s squire, is officially making her way into the fight. As both a healer and a tank, she will bring a unique twist to the support role.

Brigitte’s official announcement can be found here.

Brigette’s official overview page can be found here.

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