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It’s Time To Grow Up About This Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy

With the “information” about SWBF2 people have wrongly taken as fact without all the proper variables, we take a look at why the outrage over this “controversy” is unfounded.

I will start by saying that I dislike Microtransactions, while at the same time I am indifferent to them. So long as I can ignore them and continue to unlock everything at a normal pace I won’t be upset. However, most games that aren’t Korean MMO Grindfests or Cell Phone games have managed to implement them in just that way, so I have pretty much never cared about their inclusion.

I have been able to play my games as if they didn’t exist and not feel slighted. Metal Gear Solid V, Battlefield 3, 4, Hardline, and 1, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and so on were easy to ignore because they had a negligible impact on those who didn’t purchase them. The only two that come to mind that really ruined the experience was Warface, and Evolve… those are good examples of what NOT to do. Star Wars Battlefront 2 happens to be no different.

Before you freak out, grow up. I know you don’t like them, but seriously. Grow up. There are so many more factors to the gaming industry as a whole that their inclusion not only makes sense, it’s usually your damn fault in the first place.

Take into account that games haven’t increased in price for 10+ years, but gaming budgets and development costs have gone up literally 4-6x since LAST generation started. Also, consider people like you bitched about DLC costing extra (because, you know, that should be free to you entitled brats right?).

Consider that games you LOVE to praise also have them, Overwatch, Uncharted 4, MGSV etc. Oh wait, I can see your response now, “But those are cosmetic MTs only, those are okay!”

Well? What about GTAV? Literally THE best selling game in history. 85 million copies sold for ONE game, not the franchise, GTAV. You can buy currency with that game and guess what? IT GIVES YOU AN EDGE! Yet I’ve not heard anyone complain about that. It just got a pass. What about the fact that ALL Take-Two games from now on (yes that includes Red Dead Redemption 2) will have microtransactions?

Hell, you idiots complained (incorrectly I might add) about Microtransactions being in a single player game that wouldn’t give anyone an edge in any way over someone else.


NOW! BEFORE YOU CLICK AWAY! Oh wait… it’s probably too late for that…

Let me add in here that EA is not without fault, they handled this whole thing with Star Wars BF2 HORRIBLY, and it’s their own damn fault. They are also not without fault in the past. You likely have AMPLE good reason to dislike them. Boycott them even. Good for you.

Hell, the fact there is a Credit Cap in Arcade Mode is some serious BS if you ask me.

However, the “40 hour” hero unlock was misinformed to begin with, and the refund button was never removed in the first place. It’s like you guys are literally just jumping on anything you can, whether true or not to hate EA and their games.

Even when EA/DICE appease you and drop the requirement SEVENTY FIVE percent the mass amount of you are saying,

There are plenty more examples… but all of them are nothing but childish crybabies wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter. Seriously, the only good thing to complain about here is the Credit Cap I mentioned above, everything else is just a bunch of entitled gamers who make me ashamed to call myself one. Grow the hell up.

Some of you have even sent death threats… DEATH THREATS! Because of this… Are you KIDDING ME!? This is when you need to reevaluate your whole life. It’s what’s thrown me over the edge. I’m convinced, nothing short of them giving you the game for free would satisfy you. It’s quite frankly disgusting and appalling. At least these guys agree that’s unacceptable.

This guy here is one of the few people who give me hope for the community. Sadly, they’re the minority.


Remember, vote with YOUR wallet. Not mine… or anyone else’s. Feel free to inform them, just let them make the decision, don’t make it for them.

I’ll leave you  with a few suggestions;

  1. Be an adult and grow up. Realize the world doesn’t revolve around you, and realize these MULTIMILLION DOLLAR PROJECTS have hundreds, to thousands of mouths to feed. So long as they don’t lock anything behind required MTs… stop bitching.
  2. Stop gaming… just stop, you’re a blight and it’s annoying.
  3. Focus on the games you DO like. Seriously, haven’t you ever heard it’s easier to smile than frown? Not just that but it takes more effort and energy to focus on something negative. So find the games you DO like and enjoy them.
  4. Focus on the indies, they tend not to have MT’s, and you can go to bed happy…. while allowing me to do the same because you entitled shits are too.
  5. Grow up…

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About the Author:

Tim has been a gamer since he could hold a controller. Starting out on an Atari and still gaming strong today. Gaming is his biggest passion, but pretty much anything nerdy fits the bill. Serving in the US Air Force, and with a wife and two kids to look after, gaming has become his only escape. Having over 25 years in the industry in one way or another, and a collection of over 2100 games. It's clear he's probably obsessed... wait... scratch that and just forget the last part.
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  • Clate

    This is one of the best articles of all time. Great job

    People gripe about anything and everything these days and can not just seem to accept of you do not like something about a game then they can’t just not buy it….

    • T.W.

      “This is one of the best articles of all time.”

      You do not read that much do you? Overexaggerating

      • Clate

        I read articles from general news and gaming news every single day. This is one of the first articles I have ever seen call out games as the spoiled brats we are.

        Do I really care what your opinion of my comment is? Not really. Have a fine day sir or madam

        • T.W.

          But here you are answering to my post. So you cared. Already backtracking on the “best article of all time”.

          There are better articles about spoiled gamer brats like these:



          And these articles are about this topic without CAPS LOCK, insults and generalizations.

          • T.W. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with our style of writing or our slogan. I don’t know if this is your first visiting our site or not. If it is welcome, I hope it’s not your last. However, our slogan at Coin-Drop is “Unbiased & Unfiltered” We cuss. Like a lot in some cases. You should read over some of our work. And you’re right, we aren’t journalists. We’re gamers. We’ve always been gamers. We want to provide our readers a brutally honest view of the industry. If you want doctored articles, sponsored posts and bias words go to one of our competitors. We’re here to be honest in a brutal way. If Battlefront II sucks and is garbage we’ll let you know. But we haven’t gotten our hands on the game yet because we weren’t give a review copy and none of us can afford to buy the 79.99 version. So we have to wait. If the game sucks we’ll tell you. Maybe you should read some of our work. Our glowing review of COD after bashing it for so long is a perfect example of our brutal honesty. Thanks for checking us out. Hope to see you in the comments.

          • T.W.

            No I was not familiar with your writing style or how you normally write articles. And for me it is not important in this matter.

            I would have nothing to complain if the author of this “article” would just cuss out loud without insulting the rabbit gamers. He complains about the unrational behaviour of the spoiled gamer brats but writes unrational and insulting things himself. He even admitted in a comment here that he has gone over the line.

            In my opinion it is time that EA feels what a community is able to do. EA has some very troublesome business practices that need to be called out. The trend in gaming with lootboxes and neverending grind (combining the success of mobil games with serious AAA games) is a serious issue. And we all know that sometimes you can only change something when you are loud enough.

            I do not want to defend the thin skinned, passive and direct aggressive, insulting and maybe mental gamers. But no revolution or change has been successful by just saying “Erm… I don´t like that”. Every revolution needs these kind of people. No revolution or change without the vocal pawns.

          • Russ Gilfillan

            While I respect your opinion man, cussing out loud rather than in the article wouldn’t be very “Unfiltered” would it? That’s kinda our thing. Being edgy. While your calling EA out how do you feel about the fact that Take 2 (the publishers of GTA) are going to include micro-transactions in every game from here forward? I’ve searched the net looking for public outcry at Rockstar for adding micro-transactions to GTA online and found very little.

            My point is this, don’t give one company a pass and then chew out another. Also, whether we like it or not, microtransactions aren’t going away. So I pose this question,

            What would you rather have?
            A) A game with Optional Microtransactions and free DLC priced at $59.99
            B) A game with No Microtransactions but splits its community up with paid DLC priced at $59.99
            C) A game with No Microtransactions and free DLC priced at $89.99

            Because that’s the reality here. These are really your options there is no in between for big budget Triple A games.

            I know which one I’d rather have personally.

          • Novacell

            Well in my opinion people have a right to moan especially if they feel that game companies have crossed the line and obviously they think EA have crossed that line. No-one is slating the actual game itself, but micro-transactions and pay to win not to mention how long it would take to progress in multiplayer. Which are all valid points. Being consumers we have the right to moan, bitch and complain regardless if you don’t like it. Yet you are moaning and bitching at the gamers who feel that EA has taken a step too far and lets face it, if these gamers didn’t moan which other companies do you think would follow EA?

          • Clate

            I will check out the articles you posted when I have more time. There is nothing wrong with using a caps lock to create an emphasis on something as long as it isn’t way overdone. The people who gripe about everything to do with gaming deserve to be insulted. I am sick of everytime I check out N4G or basically any gaming new site people are griping about something.

            People griping about the One X being 500$, or micro transactions in this game or that game which in 9/10 times it barely effects the game. Everything this article states is true. The AAA gaming business is a huge risk and devs need help in lowering that risk so they attempt to make some extra money in different ways and in most cases it barely if at all effects players who choose to not buy said items

    • Clate, from all of us at Coin Drop. Thanks, you’re the reason we continue to work our ass off and do this. It means a lot to see people support the site. It keeps us going because we damn sure aren’t in it for the money lol. So again, Thanks man.

      -The Coin Drop Crew.

  • Hvd

    yep its time to grow up…………and take a stand against ea.its time to grow up and put your money where your mouth is.if you dont like pay 2 win $60 games DONT BUY THEM.

    i am boycotting ea my self.ihavent bought an ea game since battlefield 4.if you are mad about ea its time to grow up and do something about it.

    im boycotting ea its the only power we have as gamers.

  • J.j. Barrington

    Spenok, my man, I expected better.

  • asadachi

    Guys like Tim are the blight on gaming. Bad articles like this are irrelevant though, despite the bait getting a click.

    • Russ Gilfillan

      Wait… so… Because we tell you facts we’re “the blight on gaming”? it’s not the fact that the gaming community supported this trend from day one and put the gaming industry in a position to do this for literally every game from here on out? Why do you feel so personally attacked by simple optional microtranactions?

      • asadachi

        Wait, how does being a click bait writer equal telling the facts? It’s troll writing, someone trying to get a reaction by telling people to grown up and stop gaming if you don’t like microtransactions. That’s pure douchebaggery, not sure what you’re seeing different, but sounds like you want to be part of this club?

        • Someone clearly doesn’t know what the term click bait means…

          • asadachi

            A shitty article that insults people is very much click bait.

          • Let me learn you some knowledge. Clickbait means to get someone to click on said page when it leads to a page with little to no substantive evidence to back up their claims. I.E. something that doesn’t have any points or facts to back up what the title says.

            Here’s a link that has a definition with some slightly bigger words for you. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/clickbait

            Although, there are other definitions… and let me tell you, by theirs, EVERY article is clickbait by those definitions. So which one do you want? No substantive evidence to back up the claims made, or the other one where every title is clickbait…? Your choice.

            Either way, your way of using the term is incorrect. I suggest you know what you’re talking about before doing any talking next time.

            Just because I insulted people doesn’t make the points I said untrue. You also didn’t counter ANYTHING I said. So well done there too 😉

          • asadachi

            Let me learn you child; what you wrote was the epitome of click bait. I know you would like to think you wrote something of substance, but it is nothing but reactionary, name-calling, click bait trash.

          • Lols, okay buddy. Thanks for providing any substantive proof for the opposite. Sorry though, personal opinion doesn’t count.

            I mean, I provided a world renowned dictionary definition.

            I’m okay with your feeling being hurt, that was the intent of the article. But just because you disagree doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

            You also still failed to provide any counterpoints whatsoever.

          • asadachi

            Good for you kid, glad you can google definitions. You write like a cunt looking to start a fight, that gets people to click, hence you’re a click bait writer, and a bad one at that. No one’s hurt, except you a bit now, I just like pointing out utter shit when it’s apparent.

  • J.j. Barrington

    This is a horrible “article.” And despite attempts to call others out for a need to “grow up,” it reeks of juvenile attacks and lacks anything resembling objective reasoning.

    • Hvd

      i agree with you for once.

    • Yeah I definitely went a bit overboard. I was tired and tired of all this crap.

      1. It’s not all true, and 2. People are literally on a hate train that they’re not even verifying anything to make sure it’s true before passing it along (that’s pretty typical I guess).

      • J.j. Barrington

        You’re right, on both counts.

        But that’s why we need folks writing the truth. I put more faith in your words than most people who call themselves gaming journalists.

        • Thanks a lot man. That means more than you know. I honestly had no idea I had fans like you who count on me.

          I actually am in the process of following this up with some hard data.

          I’ll have to police myself better in the future. As we said above though, I’m no journalist, and I’m sure not making any money on this (as much as I’d like to).

          But our site is here for honesty, and typically brutal honesty.

          Out of curiosity, if I had left out insults and any words in caps, would your original comment be the same? Because I do provide links to several points.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Honestly, yeah. I’d still disagree, because I’m more inclined to promote overreaction than the apathy that’s plagued gaming for years now. Hell, it’s only with extreme reactions from us in the core segment of gaming that casuals even catch wind. And as much as I think we at the core are the true drivers of the industry, casual gamers still have a lot of power.

          • Russ Gilfillan

            While I share your enthusiasm for change J.J the reality is it wont. Gaming has been going down hill for years in terms of quality. It’s become the largest medium in the world. It’s a business now and the days of triple A studios taking risks are gone. They leave that to the Indie crowd and only push out games they know they’re going to make a pretty penny on. Why do you think we see so few new IPs over the course of the year? I’d love nothing more to see Season Passes, Microtransactions and the like fall off the face of the planet. But the reality is these are here to stay. And that is a shitty fact.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Reality is just this moment, or so I choose to believe. I like to HOPE that, if we are persistent, we can force changes that are good for us. But it takes being extremely vocal about it, and not just shouting into echo chambers on the internet. (This was a lot easier when I worked at GameStop… back when they still hired gamers regularly.)

            I try to look long-term at these things: what I see is the industry collapsing again if they try pushing too much stuff like this on the consumer. One thing that’s different from the previous crash is that core gamers are more educated than before, and we have more of a voice.

            On the other hand, though, I also kinda hope there IS another crash, as it seems that’s the only way these big publishers will wake up. Too much bloat in the industry right now, and a near-collapse might be our only shot at expelling it.

          • Russ Gilfillan

            All I can say J.J is keep fighting the good fight. I hope you’re right. I hope things can go back to the way they were but I don’t see it happening personally. Not without the cost of a base game skyrocketing in response to the lost profit from MTs and DLC. But hey, I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before and I’m man enough to admit when I am. So I guess only time will tell. See you in the next article J.J *Thumbs Up*

          • My thoughts here are sort of what Russ said, and sort of what you said. I agree that being vocal is important, I just don’t agree with the way it’s happening… hence my article.

            I also feel it’s too bloated, however, as Russ said it’s the biggest entertainment industry in the world. Personally I believe it’s too big to fail now. Although that doesn’t mean we can’t incite change. Hell, we already have with this particular game. However, we can’t expect every demand be met.

            Again, they’re a company, and like every other company in existence, they’re in it for the money. Yes, we their customer must be satisfied for that to happen.

            It’s a fine line, but we can’t expect them to follow all of our demands. There’s so much that goes into this that we don’t understand. Myself included. We need to give a little in order to take a little.

            Which is why I don’t buy MTs, and almost never buy DLC. It’s my way of telling them I don’t agree with them.

            But, again, as Russ said, keep fighting. I’ll be rooting for you. And for the game companies when necessary. Because everything slung at them is not always justified.

  • sergio

    Nobody should have to pay another $60 or more to enjoy a game and get the full potential out of the game.

    • Hvd

      it goes for sp game to.like shadow of lootboxes and assassins greed orgins.NO $60 game even sp should have MT’S in it.

      • Russ Gilfillan

        Why do you feel personally attacked by optional MTs? The loot in both of those games are completely optional and far and away not top tier gear. Also, What about GTA Online? Didn’t see you mention that one?

  • L 7 CHAPEL

    the whole “pay money to pull the handle on the slot machine” style of loot box transaction, that has people outraged… and it should.
    it’s the worst possible way to implement it,
    The grinding vs the paying, the way that it was initially set up shows they’re intent beyond a shadow of a doubt, this company has a history of stacking bad business practices on top of itself and then when they fail they just moved to the next game and do something even more brazen… I am a client.
    I am a customer.
    I will never be your revenue stream.
    and there’s a huge difference.
    and when they can start looking at their player base, and understand that difference, they’ll be stepping in the right direction, and probably sell a lot more games… because they’ll be making better games…
    If they focus on the quality of the experience.
    So they dropped the initial investment time and or money by 75%, so instead of 40 hours to unlock something it’ll only take 10 hours… not exactly being generous, but at least that’s reasonable. but only done because they saw the groundswell that was going to seriously damage their game sales, and in fact, they’re attempt at doing that already has.

  • fatal_dmc99

    Paid to write article .

    • L 7 CHAPEL

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid them to write the article.

      • HAppY_KrAToS

        the guy probably makes 100 or 150K dollars per year, if his wife works, it’s another 50K…
        with some luck, his parents were already “well”, and offered them their house, car, etc…
        for sure, he can spend 300 or 500 bucks on loot boxes and other crap, every single month.

        it^s funny. when we see people talking this way and promoting this kind of shit, we can be sure they don’t have any issues with money.

        • Lol, as you can see in my picture, I’m in the Air Force. I am currently a senior airman (E-4) with dependant rate BAH in Louisiana at 5 years service.

          Feel free to look up how much I make. You can literally look up how much to the penny.

          Not nearly that much. It would sure be nice though.

        • Happy, you shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about. We pay out of pocket 80% of the time for games. We pay out of pocket to go to event’s like PAX to cover news for YOU and the community. (I spent 2k going to PAX out of MY pocket in september) We make about $10 a month from a friend who donates to our Patreon. We’ve been online since May of this year. We barely are getting started. If you did just a little bit of research you’d know we don’t make any money. Maybe do your research before assuming shit about people. Thanks 😀

          • Hvd

            you need to find a new job your article is horrendous.

          • Russ Gilfillan

            Well first of all Hvd, This isn’t a job. You get paid to do a job and we don’t currently make any money. This is a passion. and second I didn’t write this… If you scroll to the bottom it tells you the authors name. That’s not me 😀

    • Man I wish. I’m not even getting a free copy from them.

  • L 7 CHAPEL

    I simply love the pretense, that at some point,the author thinks that anyone is speaking,(or that the public in general is speaking), of anyone’s opinions but their own. obviously his differs.
    and he’s more than willing to accept this trend, but so many of us are not… and HE needs to GROW UP, and accept that, instead of writing angry childish articles, impuning the general public’s overwhelming opinion about it.
    The people have spoken… and will continue to.

    • Good, and I expect you to. Just please don’t jump on false information and pass it around. And certainly don’t issue death threats.

      • L 7 CHAPEL

        That shouldn’t be a concern,( as I haven’t alluded to that in any way shape or form), pretty sure you can rest easy on that one 👍

        • I didn’t mean that you personally were doing those things, just that they have happened. It was more or less a nod to the articles point as a whole.

          • L 7 CHAPEL

            my apologies, didn’t mean to “drop the salt” so to speak.
            of course there are/will always be those people( and God knows there’s far too many of them) that are just overreacting… I can get long winded about it, but some of the Vitrolity and just over-the-top lack of control, over a person’s internal rage mechanism is pretty stunning to see, and that has no place in any discussion/protest /consensus whenever you’d like to refer to it as.
            those people really, really do need to speak to somebody professional…

    • Funny, Didn’t hear any “people speaking” about GTA…

      • L 7 CHAPEL

        Well, you do now, don’t you?

  • Sonny Ankou

    This has nothing to do with being an adult. You’re a fucking moron. Grow up and get a real job instead of pretending to be a journalist on this shit website.

  • 7770777

    I think we know who the invincible douche with $300 worth of Star Cards is in this conversation.

    • I wish I had that kind of money to spend.

  • Sikandar Mahmood

    How much EA paid for this crap?

    • I wish they paid me. Refer to my comment above.

  • YuriFan

    Grow up? If a company is going to insult me by purposely giving me a bad game then I have every right to complain.
    You know what a grown up would do? Complain about shoddy business practices and getting ripped off.

    Focus on the games you do like. Yeah hard to do that when literally every AAA game is doing this.
    Even indie games are giving me a hard time in giving me what I want.

    • I expect you to complain if something is unethical or wrong. Just dont pass on incomplete or misleading information, and don’t issue death threats.

      • YuriFan

        I’m not petty enough to do that.

        • Good to know. Just an FYI, I wasn’t saying you were doing those thing, just that they’re happening and it’s ridiculous.

    • Russ Gilfillan

      Out of curiosity, have you played Battlefront II? What makes it a “bad game”? The fact that it has microtransactions? By that logic GTA is a bad game, Shadow of War is a bad game, Diablo III was a bad game, Overwatch is a bad game, LoL is a bad game… The list goes on my friend. So please define a “bad game” for me.

      My definition of a bad game is a game with horrible controls, shitty UI, aweful story and terrible gameplay. Whether it has Microtransactions doesn’t even come onto my radar as a “bad game” unless they lock content behind them which most games don’t do.

      • YuriFan

        Haven’t played it, have no interest too either since it looks boring and Dice games bore the hell out of me.
        I played those other games but they were boring and bad too imo but that’s not because of the MTs in them.
        GTA5 is just another Sandbox game and pretty much every game today is a sandbox game.
        SoM had that shitty Batman combat where you just spam Square and hold forward to win.
        Diablo 3 failed in story and art direction where past games they were amazing. And Overwatch was a dumb hero shooter, focusing on one hit kills with broken and try hard champions.

        But I don’t have to play Battlefront 2 to know that its progression system is bad and only designed for Long Term players.

  • T.W.

    Get off your high horse…. and grow up yourself. You are no better than the people you call out. Why do you insult in this “journalistic” article? Calling BF2 complainers idiots? Missing a bit quality journalism here… why so many caps lock? Triggered?

  • BlameGene

    Good article. The crying on Reddit is just unbearable right now.

    • bigevilworldwide

      I like how these fucktards are trying to spread the conspiracy that EA purposely removed the refund button so that they can’t get refunds yet 2 minutes worth of research would have told them The self service refund option is only
      available if EA has not charged you for the product yet. If we have taken your money then you need to call support to get a refund. This is working as intended and nothing has changed.Currently people will be billed if they have pre-ordered the standard edition and therefore would need call support to get a refund.

      • L 7 CHAPEL

        If “we” have taken your money ?interesting…

        • Rob Mcguire

          the whole “we” and “these fucktards” definitely make it seem like he has affiliation lol

        • Interesting. I didn’t notice that at first.

          Seems like a bad comment from someone who works there. Sad :/

    • Russ Gilfillan

      Thanks BlameGene, We appreciate your support man. See you in the comments of the next one 😀