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This Week in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: A New Slot Machine, Improved Quarry UI, Lost Items, and More…

Many new features have been released in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week, alongside the usual wave of new animals and a new event. We are going to lay out all of the latest AC:PC info right here in one easy recap.

Staying true to their relentless commitment to content, the developers behind Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp sent out a new wave of features and content this week, including various UI improvements, a new mini-game, new types of requests, and much more.

A New Slot Machine That Favors Timing Over Luck

It has been hinted since the launch of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that OK Motors would be a “fun place to hang out,” but until now the area was devoid of any hang out worthy activities. But this week that changed as OK Motors received their very own Brake Tapper slot machine. In a game with microtransactions, it might be tempting to think that this casino-inspired addition would be a sly means to part players with their money, but that is far from the case.

For one, Brake Tapper can be played by spending Friend Dust, a material that can’t be directly bought, and something players have been amassing since launch with very few places to spend it. As of Brake Tapper’s launch, I had 962 Friend Dust, and among my AC:PC friends I wasn’t the only one sitting shy of the 999 Friend Dust cap. So there was no pressure to find currency to play the game, which only costs 3 Friend Dust per spin. And if you do find yourself in need of some FD, all you need to do is help out your friends and water their flowers. A far cry from a greedy microtransaction scheme.

Of course, slot machines are typically money pits, regardless of the currency. But Brake Tapper is different. For those players with a keen eye and quick reflexes, it can actually be a game of skill. Every time a slot starts rolling, it rolls through a steady, predictable pattern. A player can watch the pattern for a few cycles, learn the timing, and then hit the button at the right moment to nab the color they need. While the exact pattern and speed of the slots changes from slot to slot, with bonus rounds typically being faster, it is nonetheless a system that favors skill over luck. In fact, as of this writing, a couple players in my friendly Facebook group have already nabbed over 1,000 caps.

Overall, it is a family-friendly execution for a typically non-family friendly mini-game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Change Animals Clothes

Play “Dress Up” With Animals in Your Camp

This was one of the many changes announced last month for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and now it has arrived. Players can now put clothes crafting to good use and dress up animals in their camp as an added layer of customization. Not to mention, dressing up animals raises their friendship level by a couple points, so it gives players yet another way to interact with and level up their favorite animal friends.

New Types of Requests: Flowers and Lost Items

Since the update, players have noticed that leveling up an animal sometimes brings up a message, “[Kyle] can now make new requests at your campsite!” Nintendo hasn’t clarified what these, “New requests” are, so it has been left to player speculation.

Some players suspected it had to do with the new furniture an animal requests when they hit level 10. But looking at the new roadmaps that are laid out for each animal, these, “New requests” don’t always line up with that level 10 milestone.

It is most likely that these, “New requests” are tied to the new Lost and Found requests that players have been receiving from their campers. Animals visiting a player’s campsite have started asking for help tracking down a lost item. The player can then go out to the other locations to look for these items and will find them either laying on the ground or stuck in a tree. The animal will even give hints as to the location of the item.

There is another new type of request that has popped up, which is unlikely to be tied to the “unlocked” requests, since the dialogue for those specifically refers to making requests from camp, whereas these requests are made by animals outside the camp.

Animals are requesting flowers.

Flower Requests Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

That’s right, flowers are seeing more use outside of events. Animals out in the world will now request tulips and pansies in addition to their usual requests for fish and bugs. These requests usually result in making perfume or a bouquet with the requesting animal, adding a couple of fun new cutscenes to the mix.

However, it seems they haven’t added any new way to earn seeds, so players will have to buy seeds from Lloyd if they want to grow flowers for these requests.

We will continue to update this section as more information becomes available regarding the new requests.

Clearer Leveling

As I mentioned above, animals now have roadmaps that show their leveling journey. These maps lay out the various features players will unlock with their animals, such as new requests and the ability to dress them when they visit your camp. This new setup is far more visually appealing than the previous setup wherein various checkpoints were laid out in a list format. With the addition of so many more checkpoints, the map format makes far more sense.

This new map also comes with a fun new animation every time an animal levels up, giving a little more positive feedback whenever a player makes progress.

Balloons From The Core Series Have Found Their Way Into Camp

In the main series Animal Crossing games, balloons can often be seen floating through the skies which players can either track down or shoot down to get the attached present. This has always been a fun aspect of the game, adding both whimsy and free stuff.

And now those balloons have found their way to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In a creative twist appropriate for the mobile platform, balloons will now appear on a player’s map, which they can then pop to claim its prize. While it isn’t as exciting as hunting down a balloon in the mainstream games, it is still fun to see the classic feature present in AC:PC.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated Leveling UI

A Megaphone for the Shovelstrike Quarry – Ask More Friends at Once

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, players can ask friends for help getting into the game’s Shovelstrike Quarry, a fun place where a player can hit rocks with a shovel and walk away with a small pile of crafting materials. But getting five players to help is tricky due to the way people work: they aren’t always online when you’re on, and they’re not always as active as you are. So it is often better to ask as many people as possible to improve the odds of getting those five helping hands.

But this was a pain to do because players had to click in and out of each friends’ menu one at a time to ask for help, which was a major pain for any player with more than five friends.

Fortunately, Nintendo has fixed this. Now players can ask ten friends at a time with a single button. There was a bit of confusion with this feature at first because some players believed this meant only ten friends could be asked, which is understandable considering the way Nintendo put the 10 player limit front and center. But that isn’t the case. Nintendo just wanted to clarify that, likely due to networking reasons, players can’t ask all 100 of their friends at once. Instead, they simply have to click the, “Ask for Help” button ten times, and all 100 friends will be asked.

And yes, some players do have 100 friends. If you need more friends, be sure to check out a friendly Facebook or Reddit group.

Speaking of inviting friends…

Invite Friends With a Friendly Tune

There is a fun new way to add your IRL friends to your Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp roster. When two people get together they can add each other by sharing a friendly tune. One player’s device will play the tune, and the other device will hear the tune and complete the friending transaction.

This is way easier, and more fun, than tracking down and typing out a string of numbers.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Updated Features

A New Winter Event

Starting tomorrow, players are also getting a new crystal event featuring new ice-themed items such as a pagoda, a table, and more. These will likely be earned through the usual means of completing requests to earn event-themed currency. Full details will be released at 10 p.m. tonight.

More Animals

Yet another Host the Most event is upon us, bringing a new wave of animals and their furniture. This time around, we have Dotty, Octavian, Eugene, Fuchsia, and Freya. It is always fun to have some new faces around camp.

And as usual, their arrival brings a few limited time Host the Most goals wherein players will get rewards for inviting new animals to their campsites.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp New Animals


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players received UI improvements, a new slot machine minigame, new requests, new animals, and a new event. With so much new content added this week, players still have plenty of reasons to keep opening Nintendo’s latest mobile game.

Oh, and did I mention the free box of chocolates Nintendo gave out on Valentine’s day? I almost forgot to mention the free box of chocolates. So yeah, everyone got a free box of chocolates in-game.

Free Valentine's Day Chocolates Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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