• Gwent Challenger #3 in Poland Salt Mine

The Third Gwent Challenger Tournament Will Go Down in a Salt Mine

The Gwent Masters series is going great so far, and soon the third Gwent Challenger tournament will be played in the famous “Wieliczka” salt mine in Poland.

Greetings to all, and especially for those who play Gwent and follow the Gwent Masters series. If you are checking the calendars, the fourth Open tournament is coming up soon in March, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. While the Open competitors will still be fighting for the same $25,000 prize pool, becoming a finalist in this particular Open will also grant players a chance to play in the famous “Wieliczka” salt mine salt mine in Poland.

That’s right, the third Challenger will not be taking place in the United States as originally planned, but it is hard to be disappointed when the new locale is such a fantastic place, and one that looks like it could be straight out of The Witcher universe itself.  The “Wieliczka” salt mine of Poland is a UNESCO location of world cultural heritage, as well as a historical Polish monument, and soon it will also be the place where the third Gwent Challenger tournament took place.

As you saw above, the Gwent official youtube channel released a trailer in which we get to see the mine and hear a Witcher-era song about the impending Gwent battle. If you want to attend, or watch it online, mark your calendar for April 28th and 29th. You can learn more about the third Gwent Challenger, and its new locale, at the official Gwent Masters page.

Excited about Gwent Masters? Who do you want to win? Tell us in the comments!

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