Tera Online Console Version Hands on at PAX West

We got to play Tera Online’s first stable console build. Here’s what we thought.

I’ve played a lot of MMOs in my life. From EQ to Rift, I’ve played a ton, but when it comes to the most fun combat, Tera always took the cake. Real action based combat that took skill to be good at. Having to actually dodge or block incoming attacks, and I don’t mean just AOE attacks you can block or dodge almost every attack no different than games like Dark Souls. So naturally, when I heard Tera would be coming to console I had to play it. Now that you have my back story about MMOs and Tera lets fast forward to the other day when I got to play it on a console for the first time.

A Fantastic Port for a First Go

En Masse has never made a console game before. For those of you out there who don’t know anything about developing games and think it’s as easy as copy paste and you’re done, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Dev’s have slaved over making a playable demo to show off at PAX and only just got it to function right before the con. It still has some minor hiccups and needs some UI changes but they’ve done a fantastic job so far. The game plays almost exactly the same as it does on PC including the number of skills they were able to pack on to the 2 hotbars. Yes, you have 2 14 slot hotbars that are intuitive and don’t require you to hit 15 fucking buttons to access. Having more skills than you can use is a regular issue when it comes to console MMOs.

En Masse did a great job utilizing all buttons on the controller for Tera. They even added a new way to combo skills together. In the PC version, you had to hit each individual skill in a chain to execute that combo. In the console version if you have the first skill in a combo mapped to “X” then you just need to hit it and hit it again after that attack. The key here is not to mash the button or you’ll skip your attack, it’s a timing thing so right after your weapon connects hit it again to keep the chain going.


There’s currently no confirmed release date for Tera on Xone and PS4 and It will launch a few builds behind the current PC build. However, if you don’t have a PC or have never played Tera I highly recommend checking this one out. It’s a ton of fun and the combat really does make it a unique MMO.

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