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Batman, The Best TellTale Game you Missed

TellTale’s Batman Series has twists and turns that WILL catch you off guard and it’s fantastic.

Like many of you, I’ve been a fan of Batman forever. I’ve played most all of the Batman games including the magnificent Arkham franchise. So when TellTale’s Batman was announced I immediately got excited.

telltale's batman

I’ve been a fan of TellTale’s way of telling story driven games since Sam & Max Save the World. Then, when they made me cry like a child at the end of The Walking Dead Season One I was hooked for life. TellTale found it’s stride after Walking Dead Season One. It’s formula for QTE based story games that evolve as you play and make your choices feel like they matter was awesome. TellTale’s Batman is no different. Though it doesn’t have the same feeling of performing a finisher in the Arkham franchise, it feels fantastic to nail those button presses on time and land that flying elbow right on a goons dome.

Being The Bat.

I hate cliffhangers so for me the best way to play any of TellTale’s games is to wait till the full five episodes have released then cram it into 1 five to seven hours of binge play. TellTale’s Batman is no different. The game is amazing and has the same depth of character and choices you’ve come to love and expect from TellTale.

The game puts you in the shoes of Bruce Wayne in the early years of Batman. Way back when “Commissioner” Gordon was still “Lieutenant” Gordon. The game starts with Bruce Wayne hosting a fundraiser event for Harvey Dent way back before he became Two-Face and from there the game explodes into a deep mystery that places the deaths of Martha and Thomas Wayne. It turns out, Thomas may have been the biggest mobster in Gotham. It’s up to Bruce and Batman to clear the Wayne name while facing old foes like Penguin and a new threat called “The Children of Arkham.”

telltale's batman

Owning Your Choices

Like all the TellTale games, TellTale’s Batman makes you live with the consequences of your actions and wonder if things could have been different had you just said something else. Batman does a great job of telling a new story with familiar characters that we thought we knew. With appearances from Vikki Vale, Don Falcone, Penguin and a mysterious John Doe we get only a taste of this new take on Gotham.

By the end of the game, I was left with a sense of closure but wondered if things could have been different. If I would have done something differently could I have saved Harvey? If I would have said something different could I have convinced Selena to stay in Gotham? Sadly, like life, we’re left not knowing the impact of our decisions in season one until season two.

telltale's batman

The Hero Gotham Needs…

Here’s the deal, if you like TellTale games you love them. If you don’t like Quick Time Events then you probably won’t enjoy them. If you’ve never played a TellTale game this is a damn good place to start. TellTale does a great job at taking familiar characters and changing to make them interesting without compromising the character. The story is compelling and more than once I was caught off guard by the turn of events. I caught myself saying “Oh Shit!” multiple times as I tried to uncover the truth about the Waynes and protect Gotham. For that reason, I’d say this game is definitely one you don’t want to miss and has a pretty reasonable price of $20 bucks. For a solid story-driven game that will give you a minimum of five hours of play time, it’s well worth your cash to pick up.

telltale's batman

Season Two… Coming soon?

Though no release date has been confirmed from TellTale we are sure about one thing. Season Two will happen. With the success of their already established Walking Dead, Minecraft Story Mode, and Game of Thrones you can bet Batman isn’t far behind. For updates in the Batman and other TellTale works of art keep it here Coin Droppers and we’ll see you on the flip side.

Want to know what TellTale is working on now? Click the link to their Future/Upcoming Games.

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