Thanks, Sony, For Delaying Days Gone – A Look At Why Delays Are Good

With Sony recently delaying PS4 exclusive Days Gone people aren’t too happy. This, however, is something to be excited about. Not because we wanted the game to be bad, or Sony to be hurt by it, but because delays are good for games and the industry as a whole. [...]

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Sony’s Plans For First Party Dominance, Even Though They Already Have It

Sony recently announced they were setting in motion an “Organizational Transformation”, and that first party game development would be made an even bigger priority than it already was in an effort to make the best first-party titles in the industry, despite the fact they already hold that title. […]

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Assessing the Battlefield: Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass vs. Sony’s PlayStation Now

Microsoft’s Game Pass is picking up momentum, but is it any match for Sony’s PlayStation Now? We’ll lay out the battlefield, from past to present, from catalogs to price points, to see which one is the better gaming service. […]

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