Torbjörn’s Daughter, Brigette, is Officially the Newest Hero in Overwatch

After teasing fans all week, Overwatch has finally announced Brigette as the newest member of Overwatch. As Torbjörn’s youngest daughter and Reinhardt’s squire, she puts her own unique spin on a fighting style derived from both her mentors. […]

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A Rivalry is Born – Dynasty and Excelsior Trade Blows For Top Spot in The Overwatch League

In week three of the Overwatch League, Seoul Dynasty faced off against New York Excelsior in a highly anticipated match between the league’s freshly minted titans. The back-and-forth action did not disappoint. […]

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Overwatch Gets a Mountain of New Cosmetics and a Map That Celebrates Blizzard Fans

For the first time since the game launched in 2016, all characters in Overwatch are getting a content overhaul, including new emotes, skins, and highlight intros. A new map has also arrived, and it is a fun celebration of all the memories made by Blizzard fans. […]

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