This Week in AC:PC: Chip Wants Dory, Gardening is Friendlier, and Mario Still Lingers

The fishing tournament has officially kicked off, the garden UI has received its promised update, and the Super Mario Crossover event is still going strong. There is plenty of reason to log in this week, especially if you don’t want to miss out on 90 Leaf Tickets. […]

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This Week in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: A New Slot Machine, Improved Quarry UI, Lost Items, and More…

Many new features have been released in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week, alongside the usual wave of new animals and a new event. We are going to lay out all of the latest AC:PC info right here in one easy recap. […]

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Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival Makes Key Improvements Over Rover’s Garden Safari – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The second half of Rover’s Garden Safari was a disaster for the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp community, but Nintendo listened to players’ feedback and made several key adjustments to Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival. […]

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