Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Team Member Immortalized In Forthog Orc-Slayer

One of the developers of Shadow of War, Michael David Forgey has been immortalized in the game. It's inevitable that during the course of life we will lose people we love, friends, family, and many others we care about. Michael David Forgey, a Monolith executive producer ended up being one of [...]

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War is Coming: What We Know So Far

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is close at hand While we wait, developers have given us plenty of insight into what the game will look like, leaving us chomping at the bit for what promises to be an incredible game. Today we amass this treasure trove of information and take [...]

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Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Adding Ranked Mode To Its Trick List.

As if the game wasn't brutal enough! Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is adding a new ranked mode to its trick list. They're giving us a Social Conquest mode to pair with the Vendettas we all know and love. This new mission type, called "Social Conquest," sounds like a cross between capture the base and [...]

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