The Trend to Publish Unfinished Games: A Blessing For Developers, Or a Curse for Players?

Developers have been pushing the “Games as a service” trend to its limits, releasing increasingly unfinished games while still charging full price. Will players push back against this trend, or is the temptation to play a game now instead of later too strong? […]

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Bungie Takes the First Step Toward Fulfilling Their Promises – Raid Loot Boosts, Masterwork Armor, and More Coming to Destiny 2

Bungie overhauls Destiny 2’s Raid loot system in the first serious step toward delivering promises made in the Developer Update earlier this month. […]

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Why Did Destiny 2 Go Wrong? An Analysis of How Bungie Kicked their Short-Term Goals in the Nuts

When deciding to scrap Destiny 1 and create Destiny 2, Bungie may have bitten off more than they could chew in the interest of long-term goals. The result: it kicked their short-term goals in the nuts. […]

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