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T-bagging: A Rage Only Gamers Understand… And Enjoy

Anyone who’s ever played an online FPS has experienced this, whether they are the perpetrator or not. T-Bagging is a rage only gamers understand.

We’ve all had it happen. Whether you’re at the top of the scoreboard, or just having a hell of a time finding your groove. You’re going along and you get killed by the enemy. Maybe he was in the corner with a shotgun. Maybe he stabbed you from behind. Or maybe he spawn-trapped you and isn’t giving an inch. As you lay there dying, waiting for a respawn, you see that thin red outline. Bouncing up and down on your corpse.

Your blood goes from 96.4 degrees Fahrenheit….to something closer to molten metal. Your eyes go red as you see that random anime emblem on screen. And you let out an unholy groan as you begin to consider removing this ne’er-do-well necrophiliac’s fingernails with a pair of pliers.

Now, there are a few cases where T-bagging is acceptable. They are as follows:

  1. When your friend gets put on the other team and you kill them.
  2. When the other player that initiated the T-bagging
  3. When you’ve killed a camping bitch that’s at the bottom of the scoreboard.

In these situations, T-bagging is acceptable. And before anyone goes off on a long-winded rant about me being, “Da Garming Police,” or, “A scrub who needs to git Gud,” I have one thing to say: Fuck you.

There. We may now proceed.

Now, for those of us who actually enjoy gaming, and whose personalities have more complexity than simply trolling people because daddy didn’t give enough hugs, let’s break down why T-bagging is so rage inducing.

First off, it’s a practice that screams immaturity. The celebration is all well and good. Games are, after all, a test of our skill. Defeating a vexing enemy, or carrying the team to victory in clutch time can be euphoric. Yet isn’t jumping about, using emotes, and celebratory sky firing enough? Do we really need to violate a corpse?

teabag Halo

Solid players know that standing still any longer than necessary vastly decreases your life expectancy. So why on earth would you bob up and down on a pile of pixels as if you’re dominating anything real? Most times, it just gets you killed by an enemy sneaking up to introduce your jugular to Mr. stabby the combat knife.

It’s really hard to imagine anyone above age 12 doing such a thing anyway. By that time we have outgrown fart jokes and swearing as grade A humor.

Speaking of shortened lives that amount to nothing, T-bagging introduces another point. You ever notice how in most games you never get T-bagged by the guys in the top five? It’s always some lemming in the bottom of the ranks. What is that guy T-bagging for? What is he celebrating? I mean, if you’re gonna humiliate a guy, at least be someone higher up on the food chain.

Now, I know these cases don’t always persist. Pending on the game, you can pop into a match where virtually no T-bagging is going on at all. Or you can drop into a game where every player on the team gangs up to jump your freshly decomposing bones.

That’s when shit gets real.

It’s one thing for the exploiting asshat to shove his micro-dick into my avatar. But when people who didn’t even commit to the kill come out to get some… well, let’s just say that’s when those voices in my head start to have some really good ideas.

Another issue we face with T-bagging is that it doesn’t ever really make sense when you think about it. It’s not like people actually get sexual gratification out of it, nor does it reward the player (ignoring that bullshit CoD ghosts pulled). All it really does is piss someone off, and trigger the feminist frequency crowd.

T-bagging also isn’t good for the T-bagged. Upon being taunted, most people forgo any current objective they were preoccupied with to personally see how far up the T-baggers ass a chainsaw will fit. Personally, I enjoy playing against people who are lulled into a state of enjoying the game, as it makes them easier targets. The last thing I want is some enraged asshole chasing me down like I’m the last twinkie in his pantry.

Though, I do admit it is very entertaining to be killed by a shotgun camper in BF1, and then get revenge by performing a melee takedown within my next life. That’s when all the rage is vented for me.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I in no way expect T-bagging to ever go away. As long as low self-esteem, emotionally stunted youths are allowed to roam the internet, seeking to fill the social void caused by distant parental relationships, T-bagging shall always exist. It’s basically a cry out saying, “Hey, notice me! I want to feel special, even though I’m a useless, talentless, social reject.” However, it doesn’t mean we, as gamers, need to accept it as an average occurrence.

But I want to get a grasp for what my audience thinks. Is T-bagging the thing that grinds your gears, or is it something else? Emblems? Weapon choice? Comment below and tell us what boils your blood in the gaming world.

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