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Symmetry Review, The Simish Space Survival Game – Russ

Symmetry is an indie game from publisher IMGN.PRO. It combines elements of the sims with shock horror and survival. Can you survive this desolate alien planet and the trials that await you?

At first glance, Symmetry doesn’t seem to have much to offer. At its core, it’s a simple survival game. Collect all the necessary parts and repair your ship to leave the planet. Seems simple right? Well just as you get comfortable with this desolate planet and the strangeness of it all the game starts to fuck with you in a unique way.


Symmetry’s Core

So you’ve crash-landed on a seemingly deserted planet. Three crew members have survived and the status of the rest of the crew is unknown. Similar to the sims you have to manage your crew’s health and hunger. Luckily, that’s all you have to manage, I guess everyone just pisses their pants in space. Regardless, your job is to gather wood to keep the base from freezing, make food to keep the crew from starving to death and scavenge for electronics to repair the ship, upgrade components around the base and fix electronics when “something” breaks them. Each crew member starts with a certain skill they’re already good at. You can also upgrade your proficiency at a skill or learn a new skill using the computer.


Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

As you progress through the game you find that the weather becomes a serious threat. Go out when the weather is too cold and you’re going to freeze to death. If that happens you have the option of turning that prior crew member to food or burying them. The biggest issue I have with this is there’s no real consequence or benefit to eating or burying your dead crew member. Once you think you’ve got a grasp on the weather things start to get strange. Things start mysteriously breaking around you and strange glitches, in reality, begin to happen at seemingly random times. All the while, the crew members have dialog sequences that talk about strange noises and “things moving below the ground.”


Final Thoughts

Symmetry may not be an exciting game but it is an interesting one. The story is unraveled through the gameplay in a visual form and they do very little to tell you what’s going on. Personally, I think that’s part of what kept me playing the game. What is that next reality glitch going to show? What’s that strange object getting larger and larger in the background? What caused us to crash here? All these questions lead to one final answer if you can survive long enough and though the pay off to those questions is great, when you finally leave the planet the ending feels a little lackluster.

There are supposedly two endings to the game but for the life of me, I couldn’t uncover the second ending. Perhaps that one gives a better conclusion to the game. After beating the game once you unlock Survival mode. In this mode, you simply try to survive as long as you can. Overall, it’s a fun way to kill a couple hours and check out something unique though it’s absolutely not a game for everyone. This is only the second game that IMGN.PRO has made and only their first paid game so when you take that into consideration it’s pretty impressive. You can pick this one up on Stream for $11.99 USD.

Thanks for reading over our review Coin Droppers, let us know what you think of Symmetry in the comments below. We’ll see you on the next page.

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