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Rocket League Gets Three Unique Battle-Cars On Switch

Psionix has announced three unique Battle-cars with unique abilities for Rocket League on Nintendo Switch – coming this Holiday Season.

A pair of unique Nintendo-themed vehicles for Vehicular-Soccer game: Rocket League were announced by Psionix. One car is the typical red and blue colors of Mario, the other is Luigi’s green and blue. These are exclusive to Nintendo Switch players of the game and will be available during the Holiday season of 2017. Which NSR you will play depends entirely on the team that you select to play on at the start of the game. Mario is for the Orange team and Luigi is the Blue team’s NSR.

These are not the only unlockables that will be available in the Holiday season either. Samus’ Dropship themed vehicle will also be available, honoring the much-loved Metroid game series. Samus’ vehicle will have a specialized “Wave Beam” boost with the Mario NSRs being given a “Super Star” boost ability.

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More About the Game

Rocket League sprung into existence in July of 2015 following a very successful launch on PS4. It quickly garnered a massive following and currently, tournaments with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line exist. In the game, you basically play soccer with a massive ball. It’s a 4v4 format and the winner is the team that scores the most goals during a 5-minute game. If the game ends in a tie, there is a sudden-death overtime. It is possible to destroy your opponent’s cars to take them out of the game until they respawn a few seconds later.

Not only is it explosive fun, but Rocket League supports cross-platform play as well. Cross-platform gaming is something that is still very taboo between most game manufacturers. Particularly when you consider that it has been promised by many games developers in the past. “Simple” coding makes Rocket League successful over multiple platforms and it was something that was on the table from the very beginning of development.

The vehicles themselves can be customised. Psionix claims that 10-billion different combinations of vehicles and modifications can be achieved. Which means that every game you play will be “different”. Also, you will see a “Meta” shifting as different modifications get tweaked and nerfed. Classic PvP games all feature these things. A group of players on each team, a shifting meta and tactics make games truly competitive.

Rocket League is one of a limited number of games coming to switch that already have a large-scale PvP tournament system. Let’s hope that this marks another step on the way to getting competitive gameplay on the Switch.

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