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Super Mario Odyssey Will Be THE Defacto Game on Switch

Many say BotW is the best game on the Nintendo Switch, but we’re here to tell you why Super Mario Odyssey has it beat with its hands tied behind its back.

The above trailer released during the most recent Nintendo Direct that aired almost 2 weeks ago, but it goes does a lot to prove that the best game is yet to come. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is lauded as the systems best game, and in fact holds on to an impressive score as one of the best rated games of all time (it’s currently # 12 on Metacritic). However, not everyone will agree, with plenty of reviews in the low 90’s and some even below the 80’s and 70’s. Some will argue that those are just begging for hits, but even our own Russ and Peter didn’t think it was the best game ever. Nevermind what I think about it, (Spoiler… it’s a 7/10 kind of game).

Anyways, on to the point. Super Mario Odyssey is looking to be jammed packed with all sorts of things to do. From a vast selection of worlds to enjoy, collectibles to find, creatures to possess (I don’t care what Nintendo says, it’s possession!), baddies to beat, and even a Photo Mode! Which marks the first game from Nintendo to offer such a feature.

In the game, Mario has to stop Bowsers plan to marry Princess Peach and finds some help from an unlikely friend. Cappy is from the ‘Cap Kingdom’ who is on a quest of his own to save his sister, Tiara. The two must work together to save those closest to them. Cappy is able to grant Mario his abilities, which greatly expand Mario’s repertoire. He can jump farther distances, capture (possess) all sorts of things, and use Cappy for all sorts of extra things. It will change up the way you play Mario in a big way by allowing you to control all his iconic enemies and more.

mario odyssey

While the game doesn’t have a hub world as confirmed by Nintendo recently, the game does span the whole “world” as it were. You travel the globe in the Odyssey, Cappy’s Hat ship, and explore several large areas that are almost small hub like worlds in and of themselves. There are real world looking locations like New Donk City all the way to fantastical worlds that are filled with pastries and other baked goods. So the diversity in different areas in sure to be vast. There are at least 10 confirmed so far, with potentially more to be announced or discovered after released.

Some recent gameplay from Polygon even gives us some early tastes into levels, and even a boss and more. The game is easily going to be the best game on the console for a long time, and Nintendo is outdoing themselves with this one.

We have less than a month left before launch, and if you haven’t looked into a Switch yet, this will be your reason for sure. And if you’re considering it, Nintendo even announced that there will be a Mario themed Switch that has a lot of extra goodies. You can find it here.

Super Mario Odyssey releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch October 27th.

What do you guys think? Are you as excited as I am for this game? Do you think it will be better than BotW? Or are you waiting on games like Metroid Prime 4 and the Pokemon game they’ve announced as your must have? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Captain N

    As a person who has played both games…they are both very epic in their own right.

    Either one can take game of the year awards…but Zelda has been out longer and has had a lot of hype so expect it to win the awards this year.

  • I’m excited for it too, but it’s comparing apples to oranges, I’ve poured more than 800 hours into your “7/10” game, I’d give it an 11/10 if I could, wtf are you smoking?

    • Shivam Chaturvedi

      ppl still play cod and ac every year, that doesn’t make ’em good. botw is awesome yet some ppl won’t like it