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Sucker Punch Show Off Incredible New Game Featuring Samurai

It’s been a long time coming for Sucker Punch. We’ve all known they’ve been working on something, but no one expected a game like Ghost of Tsushima.

The trailer opens up with some gorgeous footage of Tsushima Japan set in 1274 and the first words we hear are; “Samurai, you are a warrior. I can see that.”

As the unseen voice is speaking, the trailer continues to transition into other scenes in the game, with a samurai on a horse in a village and onto a hillside. The next words say what anyone who knows anything about ancient Japan and their Samurai; “You trained your whole life for this.” While we may be reading too much into this, but it’s pretty clear Sucker Punch did their work on the culture of the Samurai. Just looking at the way they move, dress, and the surrounding areas.

Super Punch seems to be stepping away from their fantastical games like their most recent work of Infamous Second Son and going for sheer authenticity. Samurai games are an untapped genre not often done. Don’t mistake that as if there is a lack of games featuring them, they just tend to add the myths of the times to them rather than how life would have actually been during the 13th century.

The trailer is purely a teaser, as it doesn’t appear to show any real gameplay. Although there is a snippet at the end that is questionable, even if it’s likely to be target footage rather than any true in-game footage. Still, they have our interest piqued.

They have been away and silent for quite some time, but now we know why, and are eager to know more. Hopefully, Sony will grace us with more footage at PSX later this year so we can get an idea of just what this game is and how it will play. Although if you head on over to their official website there is more to learn.

For one, there is a 4 minute interview on the project which can be seen below;

Some of the first bits of information we know about the game are these;

  • It’s another open world.
  • As the title suggests, it focuses on the period of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima in 1274.
  • It is an Action/Stealth/Adventure game.
  • Everything shown in the trailer is in-engine, and in the game.
  • Player Choice returns, but in a different way from their previous games.
  • Much more open and dynamic then past games where exploration may have world consequences.
  • The World is considered a character in and of itself. It’s alive and teeming with life.
  • Massive world to explore.
  • Ghosts of Tsushima has been in development for 3.5 years.

As the title suggests, you are a “ghost” to the Mongols. A “slain” samurai who must rethink all of his lifelong training in order to fight back against an enemy too big to fight the traditional way. Honor must be forgotten in order to beat this foe, which won’t be easy.

The game sounds incredibly awesome on paper, and looks amazing in the trailer. We may not have any real gameplay yet, but I’m already itching to play it. One thing is for certain, Sucker Punch knows how to make a fun game.

Here are some images from the trailer that shows just how pretty the game is going to be.

sucker punch sucker punch sucker punch sucker punch sucker punch

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