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Steambirds Alliance By Spry Fox Will Be At PAX West 2017

Steambirds Alliance will be at PAX West 2017 which begins next week. Not too much is known about the game just yet but here’s what we managed to uncover.

Steambirds Alliance, the latest game from Spry Fox will be at PAX West 2017. The indie developer has released games like Road Not Taken, Alphabear and Triple Town in the past. They also co-developed Realm of the Mad God. Steambirds Alliance is their latest project and looks rather interesting.

About Spry Fox

Their site has this mission statement on the home page;

“We want to make the world a happier place and we’re using games to do it. We want to help people connect with their old friends and make new ones. We want to give people more ways to express and challenge themselves. But mostly, we just want to give people more ways to have fun and enjoy their lives”

Wanting to deliver fun and enjoyment to the end-user is something that is often overlooked by game developers. This small-scale indie-games producer has had a brilliant track record when it comes to making games that are addictively fun. After co-creating “Realm of the Mad God”, it seems that they wanted to make their own game that follows that specific style.

Their previous games: Bushido Bear, Alphabear, Beartopia, Road Not taken, Triple Town, Panda Poet and Steambirds: Survival all have an almost childish cartoony-quality to them. Nothing about their games are realistic. Cell-shaded and funky, every one of the games above offers an addictive, challenging, and replayable experience.

What We Know About Steambirds Alliance

Steambirds Alliance seems to be a sequel to Steambirds Survival, featuring characters and combat system that will be related to the earlier Steambirds game. It does seem that Spry Fox are taking a break from their puzzle-game background with this title but hopefully, the experience of Realm of the Mad God will help them out.

Steambirds Alliance is going to be based on a Top-Down isometric action game, like the game I recently reviewed Solstice Chronicles: MIA. Fast-paced and hectic with a graphical style unique to Spry Fox this “Massively online shoot’ em up” is set to turn heads when it is eventually released, hopefully, this year.

Some key features of the game include;

  • 100% Massive Co-op Multiplayer
  • Intense top-down bullet-hell gameplay
  • Huge online world filled with secret missions and enemies
  • Dieselpunk aesthetic and game world – embrace the power of steam!
  • Many plane classes, weapons, and special abilities to unlock and master

On their steam page you can find the short b-clip of the gameplay along with some screenshots of the game in progress. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date yet although the game is (maybe) set to be released before the end of 2017.

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