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Starlink: Battle For Atlas Trailer Released

Stepping onto the podium beside Skylanders and Disney’s Amiibos’ comes Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

The new game from Ubisoft seem similar in design to No Man’s Sky. (Cross your heart, say a prayer and take a shot). Starlink takes place in a battle for the Planet Atlas where the player takes on the forgotten legion. Basically, an intergalactic force that consumes everything in its path.

The game’s focus is on ship combat, with a toy twist. The Starlink, for which the game is named after is a toys to life that allows you to affix a small model of your ship to your controller. There are attachments and new weapons you can swap in and out on the model, which you see transfer over into the game in real time. This will allow you to change weapons on the fly to support a variety of combat needs and situations.

There are currently two ship models for use in-game, with roughly the same style of parts and weapons. The game’s cut scenes use a cell shaded stylistic nature. However, the planets appear much more detailed and fine tuned. These planets take on a similar look and feel to No man’s sky’s original presentation goal. (Cross your heart, say a prayer and take a shot) There appears to be a vast array of planets, Desert, forested, lagoons and barren ice caps.

The only down side would have to be the added wait and adjustment to having a model spaceship sit on your controller, and potentially losing ship attachments. It’s an interesting enough concept though, and one I hope doesn’t force you to buy them in order to progress in the later stages of the game. One that appears to be refined down to working gameplay and solid concepts. Starlink: Battle for Atlas, is a game shooting for the moon hoping to be among the stars…and if worse comes to worse at least it will be better than No man’s Sky.

Hope you haven’t put that bottle away lads cuz (Cross your heart, say a prayer and take a shot.)

Starlink: Battle for Atlus releases Fall 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch.

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