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Starcraft Remastered Edition Gets a Release Date

Starcraft Remastered Edition gets a release date and it’s not far off so strap on the power armor Terran the Zerg Rush is coming.

Blizzard has recently announced that a remastered version of Starcraft will be release August 14th. Official reports claim it to be a remake, but it’s a remake done proper. The game changed the RTS world 20 years ago in 1996 and launched a slew of E-sports tournaments on a global scale. Now, it’s getting a massive upgrade. Gone are the sprites and pixel textures. Blizzard has told us what we can expect from Starcraft Remastered. A full graphics overhaul bringing in new textures and full 3-D animations. A brand-new sound set including music, interaction chimes, character quotes, beast snarls, and more. Widescreen support and 4K resolution potential make it a far leap from the old CD-ROM days to be sure. New illustrations and character movements along with new maps and classic ones. Blizzard will also increase the scale and scope of the maps adding in new bits and pieces from what we’ve seen in Starcraft 2.


More Than Just Textures

For the campaign, we will also get the Brood Wars expansion, with the same treatment as the main flagship. With key binding officially supported and 8 new language options on top of the 5 that were added before. Topping off with a rework of all the in-game cutscenes as well. For multiplayer, we are promised connect matchmaking through Blizzard’s network systems, up to date social features, custom maps, the map editor tool and access to community sharing cloud save progress on campaign. All while keeping the feel and gameplay balance the same as it was in the original.


Can You Hear the E-Sports Players Screaming like Fan Girls?

This is how you do a remaster! No word on price points yet but from what we are getting the price is worth the promise. After twenty years the old girl has become a rusted-up relic. It’s such a great feeling to see this beloved pillar of the Blizzard name; brought in the dockyards, not to be scrapped down. But to get upgraded, tightened up, overhauled, and electroplated in gold and onyx plate. No doubt the entire E-Sports world just had a Zerg Rush in their pants at this news. Game decks could take some notes because this is what a remastered game looks like.


If you have never played Starcraft before, for whatever reason. Now is your time to jump into the universe of Terran Space Marines in power armor the size of Brick Shithouses, of the flesh ripping bug monsters called The Zerg Swarm, or the noble ancient race of advanced beings called The Protoss. Just don’t call it a Warhammer 40k rip off.

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