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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Sticks It To The First Games Criticism

If you were one of the people who complained and gave DICE plenty of criticism over the first Star Wars Battlefront, you should be plenty happy with Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Many people were understandably upset with the first game in the rebooted series. Not because it wasn’t fun, or because it wasn’t one of the best looking games out at the time. No, it was because the game had a severe lack of content and depth that even EA admitted to… kind of.

The game didn’t have a single player, there were only 4 offline maps and 2 modes. The multiplayer only had a few maps and many seemed to be reused, there was little selection in weapons, no space battles and so on.

DICE did, however, try to make up for that with free content packs that added maps, modes, outfits, and made more modes playable on more maps. This was in addition to the paid DLC that added even more than that. The game eventually had plenty of content, but it was a little too late for most players. Although it’s doubtful EA or DICE minded too much when you consider how well the game sold.

Well, none of this will be a problem when the new game launches later this year. As the trailer makes clear, the game is near triple the size of the first game in almost every way. Here are some of the quick stats;

  • All new Story campaign
  • 18 Maps
  • 14 Heroes
  • 39 Vehicles
  • Class-Based Multiplayer
  • Rebuilt Starcard system
  • 5 Multiplayer Modes
  • Split Screen Co-op

It’s not very often one of the biggest games of the year (and even the year after) gets criticised as much as Star Wars Battlefront did. However, even if we loved the first game and didn’t have the same problems most others did, we’re glad it got as much flack as it did. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be getting one of the most feature-packed games in recent years. With as much content as they are stuffing into this game, it’s crazy to think that all major DLC will also be free. That’s right, all future maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, and heroes won’t cost you a dime.

Developers are starting to take notice that DLC splinters the community, and if you give them the stuff they care about like the above mentioned for free, they’re not only likely to stick with your game for longer, but spend more on those completely optional cosmetic items as well. It’s a bold strategy, but one we like.

The game will have microtransactions though, which some won’t like, but nothing in the game is locked behind them.

Star Wars preorderBattlefront 2 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th and if you the game you will also gain all sorts of bonuses. One of the biggest being not only early access the upcoming Beta, but early access to the official launch in November.


The beta goes live for everyone on October 6th, but those who pre-order the game can jump in 2 days ahead to get a head start. It takes place from Friday the 6th to Monday the 9th, which should give people plenty to play over their weekend.

Will you be jumping back into Star Wars Battlefront after the fiasco that was the first? Does all this extra content in the box on day one excite you and give you enough reason to give them a second chance? Let us know in the comments below. We hope to see you on the battlefield Coin Droppers.

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    The 1st game started out bad(not enough content, like you said) but ended up being excellent later due to all the free stuff & Season Pass(also like you said).

    My only complaint after that is that the DLC game modes were only for each unique DLC & not across ALL MAPS.

    This was my most played game of 2015, 2016 & 2017. I didn’t even buy the game at launch. I trash talked it because of LACK OF CONTENT. Then my friend bought it & wouldn’t shut up about it. I picked it up a month later & couldn’t stop playing.

    Best video game purchase I ever made!