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Sony’s Plans For First Party Dominance, Even Though They Already Have It

Sony recently announced they were setting in motion an “Organizational Transformation”, and that first party game development would be made an even bigger priority than it already was in an effort to make the best first-party titles in the industry, despite the fact they already hold that title.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced some organizational changes aimed at making the company more competitive. Which is interesting news when you consider just how well the PS4 has already sold since launch in 2013. And it’s done even better since then, having neared 75 million a couple of months ago… not to mention what it’s sold since.

The news goes over a bit of the changes that Sony will see internally, seeing only Shawn Layden as one of the few executives in the briefing who didn’t get a new job title. The announcement promises that he “will concentrate his focus on [Worldwide Studios] continuing to provide platform-defining content that helps drive the growth of SIE” as part of “SIE’s mission to create and develop the most attractive and powerful first party titles has become more important than ever.”

What this means is Sony will be putting an even bigger focus on their first party line-up of games. When you consider the fact they have a bigger first party line-up than any other platform… it’s just madness. In every Xbox One versus PlayStation 4 debate, there is always one category that PS4 wins every time: first party exclusives. While these lists aren’t exclusives made by only Sony or Microsoft, it’s still easy to see that Sony has more games coming.

If you’d really wanted to see just how many first party games Sony/Microsoft have, just wait for an upcoming article which will break that down. It’s in the works, and really is no comparison.

What’s more, and while this is slightly subjective, they don’t only have the most, they also have the best. PlayStation 4 exclusive titles consistently rank higher than Xbox One exclusives. (I’m aware not all of these titles are exclusive, but a cursory glance will show prove my point.) While Microsoft has been canceling a slew of titles such as Scalebound, Fable Legends, and so on. Sony has been rolling out a series of award winners, from Horizon: Zero Dawn to Uncharted to Bloodborne and many more in-between. The exclusives lists above for 2018 show you just how well Sony has been doing with the PS4. It’s so evident, even Forbes has noticed!

While Microsoft is finally getting a toe in the market with titles like Cuphead and Sea of Thieves, Sony’s briefing seems to say that a toe is all Microsoft will get. Sony isn’t comfortable sitting on their laurels. They want more. And with news like this, you can only bet they won’t be making the mistakes they did at the beginning of the PS3 generation for quite some time.

With rumors going around like crazy about the PS5, it makes you wonder just how ready they will be to jump into the next generation. My personal bet is on 2020 at the latest, as both Sony and Microsoft both said this generation wouldn’t last as long as the previous generation, but with how well the PS4 is still selling, it makes you wonder.

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