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I Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong About Monster Hunter World

I made some statements about Monster Hunter World and I wish I hadn’t.

On Episode 9 of The Gamer’s Society Podcast, I made a lot of statements about Monster Hunter World based on my experience from the beta. If I could go back in time and retract those statements I would because they were all wrong.

“…It’s Just More Prep Work For The Next One (Monster)”

Ok, Anyone who’s played any Monster Hunter knows there’s a ton of prep before a fight. However, Monster Hunter: World streamlined a ton of this and actually gives you so much more to do and focus on that none of it really even felt like “prep”. A prime example of this is the auto-crafting feature. By being able to just gather the materials you need for an item and have it automatically make it for you it cuts down the time spent navigating menus. This allows you to focus on more important things. Like killing the beastie. Another great feature of Monster Hunter World is the fact that you have an infinite use whetstone. I hated grinding for materials to keep a decent number of them. It’s a small and almost overlooked feature but any seasoned Monster Hunter player will tell you, they’re thankful to have it.

Monster Hunter World

“Maybe In The Future, When Its Price Dropped.”

There’s a lot of games coming out and sometimes it can be hard to determine if a game is worth that full price tag. I’ll tell you, Monster Hunter World is one of the few games that is. There’s so much content in the game it’s staggering. Sure ultimately the game boils down to a simple formula of prep kill prep kill but Capcom did a fan-fucking-tastic job of sprinkling little bits of new stuff throughout the experience that can significantly change your focus. In Monster Hunter World the further you progress into the story the more “content” you unlock. You’ll earn the ability to trap monsters instead of killing them, (which grants you more resources and is a kick-ass alternative which adds to the narrative of “Trying to understand the monsters rather than just kill them all.), You learn about the garden where you can grow plants, mushrooms, and beetles, which you can increase how many you can grow by doing side missions for the botanist. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Armor Dye, Elemental resistance, and weakness, Additional buffs from eating before a fight, the list goes on! Monster Hunter World boasts hundreds of hours of content and they sure as hell delivered.

Monster Hunter World

“It’s Too Much For Me, There’s Just Too Much There”

To clarify, this statement wasn’t about the amount of content in the game. It was more about the number of things you need to pay attention to in Monster Hunter games. From keeping your weapon sharp to making sure you have the right buffs for the right fight and everything in between Monster Hunter can be very intimidating to the uninitiated. Or at least, that’s what I thought. While playing Monster Hunter World, I found a lot of that information was streamlined and a lot easier to grasp. What things did and how they were properly used seemed to be more clear and easy to grasp. Having a friend who’s a seasoned Monster Hunter player helped a lot too.

Monster Hunter World

“If You’re Not Already A Fan of Monster Hunter I Don’t Think This One Is Gonna Make You A Fan”

Tim called me on this almost immediately after I made the statement. Monster Hunter World is the best selling game in the franchise of all time. That sounds great but the reality of it is that Monster Hunter hasn’t hit a proper console (in America) since the original on PS2. Sure, Monster Hunter Tri came to Wii and later to Wii U but this is the first Monster Hunter to hit a powerful system (worldwide) since the franchise started. I was one of the people that would fall under the category of “not a fan” when talking about Monster Hunter. This game changed that for me. I didn’t want to return the game when I got it from Redbox. When that Sunday came it was a sad day because I knew it’d be quite some time before I could afford to buy it. I think it’s safe to say that “If you’re not already a fan of Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter World probably WILL make you a fan.” It’s Fan-Fucking-Tastic.

In Defense of Myself

In my defense, the beta for Monter Hunter World was god awful. They threw you into the world with no explanation as to what gear to consider, how to fight or anything. After playing any game and then trying to play Monster Hunter World would be a jarring experience. It’s combo and combat system are very Dark Souls-ish but different enough to feel strange and the movement speed when holding your weapon (with exceptions) is insanely slow when compared to other games. What I’m getting at here, is I made the mistake of judging this game by its beta. I thought that that experience would put the game into perspective and give me an understanding of what I’d be buying. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Monster Hunter Worlds is a fan-fucking-tastic game and is well worth your time and money. So go get it. Go play it. And go enjoy it. We’ll see you on the hunt Coin Droppers.

Monster Hunter World

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