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Smite: Battleground of the Gods Review – James

It’s been a year since Smite launched on the PS4, and 3 years since it’s original launch on PC. Here are my personal Reflections on the game.


Smite is a third person online battle arena, or MOBA as it’s known in the industry. Made by our friends over at Hi-Rez Studios, and was originally exclusive to the PC master race gamers, but has since opened its doors to both the Xbox One, and PS4. I personally play this particular MOBA on an almost daily basis, and I have compiled some of the more important things I feel that a person who has thought about playing it, or another MOBA (such as league of legends or DOTA 2) should know before trying it.

Players of Smite will be able to control GODS, and the first thing you should notice is the fact that they are Gods from all across time and history: Greek, Roman, Mayan, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Celtic, my personal favorite, Norse, and much more. Each God has its only play style and skill set unique to the lore and history of the God themselves. I.E. a character like Zeus uses lightning based attacks that shock and debilitate his foes. While Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, uses quick speed based attacks and the ability to get in and out of the fight quickly for a hit and run strategy.

smite review

Currently, there are 80+ Gods to choose from, with more being added all the time. There are a multitude of arenas and game modes to test your God against others across the world in PVP focused gaming. However, if you need some training with a particular God or are just not very keen on playing with other people, there are multiple modes to play against AI enemies. Even if you aren’t interested in playing the game, but have any interest in their mythologies like I do, there is a detailed description of every god in the roster explaining the lore and history of each God.

smite review

The game isn’t without its frustrations though. For me personally, I’m getting fed up with the idea that every game in this generation requires a micro-transaction option. What makes it worse is it’s almost mandatory to spend at least a little bit of real world money to unlock the better characters. Although you can grind for a long time and get all the Gods without spending a dime. It IS possible, just very, very time consuming. The skins and alternative costumes for each god is a nice touch, but to make them only available via a random grab bag lottery really sucks. Especially when I’m paying real world money to get something random is just not right.

Let me back up just for a second though. I do understand the reason for the microtransactions, especially in a free to play game across 3 platforms. They have to make money somehow. And this is quite a good game, so honestly, I don’t mind throwing a few bucks at it every month just to help keep the servers up and running. This can however lead to imbalance when some are either more willing to spend money, or just plain have more and can get them right away. But, for those with perseverance and drive can manage to get them over time regardless of their income.

smite review

Is it worth it? I’d easily say yes. Considering it’s a free to play game and it’s not mandatory to spend any money if you don’t want to, while being able to play and have a good time either competitively, or against bots with friends and randoms alike.

smite review

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James G. Walton
Born 1986
Crusader for all things gaming since 1993. Hard truths and personal opinions on gaming issues that you care about, because without you, who would play them?


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  • Paul Dennis

    My only addition I would like to add is the God Pack. A one time purchase of 29.99 or something like that to unlock all 80+ gods (refunding your Favor on already owned gods, but not gems.) but also unlocking them the day they drop for free for any new gods. This makes the game far, far more enjoyable since you don’t have to grind for god’s and can earn those tokens for log ins to get a skin. However, this style of marketing making every single god free after release (the pack pays for itself and then some several times over) does mean they need to hook your money to pay for the content. Hiding skins in chests as one such tactic. Overall, well written article with only this to be added to fully promote the game.