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Sinner: Sacrifice Hands on at PAX West

A new and unique take on the RPG genre, Sinner: Sacrifice requires you to downgrade yourself before fighting a boss making it a challenging and intense experience.

At its core, Sinner: Sacrifice is a game about how your actions affect others. In the game, your character did something knowingly or otherwise 8 people in the game that effectively turned them into the big bad bosses of the game. When I asked if that technically made your character the bad guy they responded with, “Well, he’s not a good guy. He is the sinner atoning for his sins.” 7 of the 8 bosses are stand ins for one of the seven deadly sins and the 8th boss being a secret. After all, they dev’s don’t want to spoil the game

A New Kind of Challenge

The game draws heavy influence from the Dark Souls games and wants the players to find each boss unique weakness to win. When fighting a boss, like the Dark Souls games, players will pick up on their “tells” allowing players to anticipate the next attack. Once you fight a boss enough times you’ll learn their attacks, when to dodge and when to block. But that will only help you on the first playthrough. Yes Sinner: Sacrifice will have a new game plus feature and depending on which of the 3 endings you get the next play through will change dramatically. From the environment to the way monsters fight and even the bosses themselves. In new game plus the Dev’s will turn your muscle memory against you. Bosses will show a “tell” and then use a completely different attack. This cool dynamic will make new game plus harder in a different way than what we’ve come to expect from games.

Sinner: Sacrifice

Visual Down-leveling

As you sacrifice stats you see them physically represented by your character. His armor begins to fall off, his weapons become rusty and chipped and he literally shrinks in size as his strength depletes. The Dev’s are aiming for an early 2018 release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and potentially, Switch. The Dev’s very firmly said there will be no early access to the game. It will release when its ready and not a minute earlier. I can respect that. I’ll just have to sit and impatiently wait for another shot at the game when it releases next year.

For more information on Sinner: Sacrifice, check out their website and stay tuned as we continue to follow the development. Atone for your sins Coin Droppers, and we’ll see you in the next article.

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