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Shooty Fruity A Gallery VR Shooter, Review – Russ

Shooty Fruity is a Shooting Gallery Meets Job Simulator. It’s Fun, But Is It Good?

Personal Preference is not Personal Bias

Let me start by saying, when it comes to VR games I prefer games that push the boundaries of VR rather than embrace them. If that’s the sole metric to rate VR games on then the answer to the question I posed above is no. It’s not. However, we all know that a game must be judged on all its points, not just one or two. That’s where things get complicated with Shooty Fruity.

Shooty Fruity

The Gameplay

Shooty Fruity is advertised as a shooter with elements from Job Simulator. Its dialog can be quirky and has a slightly offbeat sense of humor. Some faceless woman gives you directions and information over an intercom while sounding very disinterested. Her job must suck more than the players.

The players “job” is to stand behind a counter and performs menial tasks such as scanning groceries, sorting food for shipment, and placing the right food on the right trays. All this while fighting off a horde of sentient fruit that wants to kill you… because reasons. Each round has three challenges to achieve. When you complete each one it gains you a star which unlocks new weapons for you. However, you still have to buy those weapons. You have to perform well in each round not only to unlock the new weapons but to buy them as well.

In addition to this Shooty Fruity allows you to customize your loadout. Letting you take up to six weapons into each mission. You start the round with access to only one gun. As you progress through the round you’ll slowly gain access to your full arsenal to dispatch evil fruit.

Shooty Fruity

Controls and Mechanics

Shooty Fruities controls are simple though with my shaky hands the aim could use some stabilization and maybe a bit of assist. I noticed my lasers shook a lot more than in other games and I don’t feel like my hands shake that much when compared to other shooters. Beyond that, the controls are responsive and read accurately. Simple input and simple output make it a blast to play on the Rift. Grab your weapon or item with the grip button and shoot with the triggers. Nothin’ to it!

Shooty Fruity

Overall Impression

Shooty Fruity doesn’t take itself seriously at all and some people enjoy that in games. Personally, I could take it or leave it. However, that doesn’t make this a bad game. It’s an enjoyable mindless gallery shooter that most anyone will be able to play for hours without any negative effects like VR sickness. Its blend of shooting and working makes it a unique experience. Balancing the two can sometimes be quite challenging when you’re going after those stars and that makes the game all the more enjoyable.

Shooty Fruity is available on Steam and PSVR for $19.99. If you’re looking for something new to play and have a few bucks to burn I don’t think you’ll be upset with your purchase. Thanks for reading Coin Droppers. We’ll see you on another page.

A quick thank you to the nDreams team for providing us with a code for this review.  

Shooty Fruity

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