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Shenmue 3 Delayed To Second Half Of 2018

An update for Kickstarter backers from Game Director Yu Suzuki has announced the game has been delayed to late 2018 citing a much bigger, more beautiful game than he had originally planned for.

Delays are never a good thing to hear about, they create confusion and fear a project is going through issues. We however, welcome them, and have said as much about previously delayed games. Director Yu Suzuki has said that new technology has allowed them to discover new possibilities and expressions for the game. Given such, the game has become bigger and more beautiful than he initially expected. However, when it comes to increasing the scope of a game, so to does a delay most of the time. Because of this increased scope, the game will be delayed by about a year into the second half of 2018.

With this news, he did promise more news coming later this month via the games Kickstarter backer page. If that last statement didn’t make it apparent, they also announced in late May the game won’t be making an appearance at E3. Even though Shenmue 3 won’t be there, be sure to check back for all the latest news the industry has to offer here at Coin-Drop.

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