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Shadow of the Colossus Gets a Shiny New Remake for PS4

Shadow of the Colossus is being remade for PS4. At least it’s better than an HD release.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Sony fan or not, you have to admit that was a pretty damn good reveal. Sony’s E3 showed a lot of great games tonight. There was something for everyone tonight. With little time spent talking about things we as gamers don’t care about as much, Sony gave themselves nearly 60 minutes to show nothing but games. New ones and ones we already knew about. Heck, they even had a segment for DLC. I never thought I’d see a reveal for DLC…

In all its greatness, there really wasn’t anything that made me shit my pants. In fact, for me, the closest pants soiler wasn’t even a new game, but a remake.

Shadow of the Colossus HD made my heart skip a beat. I remember the first time I played that game. I remember saying out loud in a room all by myself: ‘This is the best game I’ve ever played’. And I had only gotten to the first boss.

As the video started for Shadow of the Colossus I immediately thought it was Shadow of the Colossus 2. Then all the bosses looked familiar and I was only slightly less excited. I had hours upon hours of fun with the original, the HD release for PS3 and will have many more with this new HD remake. We can only hope they will add something new for us. Maybe new secret bosses and areas to explore. Until then, take a look at the reveal trailer and tell us what you think in the comments below.




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