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Robo Recall, The Best Free Game on the Rift, Review – Russ

Epic has made, hands down, one of the most enjoyable shooters on the VR. Robo Recall is a must own for all Rifters. Sadly, our Vive friends are out of luck. Or are they?

Feel Like A Superhero

Robo Recall puts you in the driver seat of Agent 34. After a serious malfunction of robots, you’re sent out to investigate and “recall” the robots. Oh, and by “recall” they mean completely and utterly destroy them. The game literally lets you dispatch robo’s in pretty much anyway imaginable. Yes, you can even rip them to shreds it’s the most satisfying thing ever.

Tear off one enemies head and chuck it at another. Grab bullets out of the air and send them shooting back at your target. Blast them to bits or just punch them to death. It’s pretty fucking amazing.

Robo Recall

Classic Arcade Fun Meets VR

Robo Recall feels like a VR version of classic arcade games. Get as high a score as you can and climb the leaderboards. Complete challenges and unlock new upgrades for your guns that make them, even more, kick ass. There’s something so satisfying about throwing your gun at an enemy catching it off the bounce and blasting him in the face. The controls are tight and the aim assist (if there is any) is so good you can’t even tell it’s there. It feels fantastic and is an extremely well-polished game for being free.

Robo Recall

Quippy and Odd Commentary

The story is basically this, An evil AI named Odin corrupted the machines and it’s your job to bring him down. After fighting your way through the first few levels you meet Odin who’s commentary is…. odd. Robo Recall clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. With comments like “I’ll delete you like an embarrassing tweet.” and Odin’s professed love for cat videos, you can see that the devs found a great blend of serious action with not so serious story.

Robo Recall

But is it Good?

Fuck yes! I mean the fact that Epic put this game together and made it free is pretty outstanding. On top of that, there’s a mod community for it. Can you say more content? At a price of free 99, this is one game everyone should have. It’s just so enjoyable. You can even play catch with yourself! Oh, and that bit about Vive owners? Yea, you can play it too. I can’t speak to how well it works since it’s an unofficial workaround but a quick google of “robo recall of vive” will give you results.

Robo Recall

Trying Something New

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