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Blue Essence Balancing May Hold Hardcore Players Back

Now that IP is officially gone, players are worried about the value of Blue Essence. In response, Riot Developers arrived in the forums to do the math, but is that math working against hardcore players?

Change is hard. And this year’s League of Legends preseason has brought some of the most fundamental changes to the Rift yet, including a complete overhaul to the game’s loot system. Of course, any time a loot system is touched, leaving fans wondering, “Am I getting more out of this new system, or am I getting kicked in the nads?”

The New System Rewards Veteran Players

So far, this system seems to reward veteran players who had piles of IP and nothing to spend it on. The conversion to Blue Essence has vastly widened the amount of loot that can be bought with in-game currency, including champion and ward skins which previously could only be purchased with real world money. Couple that with the uncapped level system which allows players earn loot capsules into infinity, much like the Overwatch loot system, and veterans now have a reason to play long into the future.

The Daily Numbers

But what about the day-to-day numbers? Now that IP is no longer being earned every game, are all our hours spent on the Rift going to waste? Do I have to become a hardcore player to get anything worthwhile?

So far, the answer seems to be no on both accounts. Riot Game Designer Mortdog took to the forums to do the math on how many games it will take to earn loot, taking into account the best and worst possible rolls, and comparing casual gameplay patterns to hardcore gameplay patterns.

Here’s a quick snippet from Riot’s post:

Carl the Casual plays two games every night. He wins one and gets his First Win of the Day, and then loses the other.
Henrietta the Hardcore plays 12 games every night. Wins six, Loses six, and gets First Win of the Day.

  • Carl will Level to 31 after 6 games and 3 Wins of the Day. In the old world, he would have earned ~801 IP. Now, he’ll earn either 720 (The worst drop), 900, 960, or 1,240 blue essence. (EDIT: The 6th game, which is a win gives enough XP to level without the Win of the Day, which is why the math seems off. It technically was 6 games and 2 wins of the day of XP to level)
  • Henrietta will Level to 31 after 9 games and 1 Win of the Day. In the old world she would have earned ~885 IP. Now she’ll earn either 720 (The worst drop), 900, 960, or 1,240 blue essence.

In the old system, Hardcore Henrietta would have edged out Casual Carl and earned more IP per level, with later math showing that Henrietta would have earned up to 1,000 IP more than Casual Carl in the old system. The new system, on the other hand, holds both to the same earning curves. Except, the “per level” metric is a bit misleading. Because as you can see above, Henrietta has to play 3 more games than Carl to reach a new level due to the Win of the Day bonuses. So hour-for-hour, she is putting in more time than Carl to reach the same levels of rewards.

While this is a relief for casual players who no longer have to stress about keeping up with the big kids, this is a bit saddening for hardcore players who are almost punished for not playing to the tune of daily win bonuses. Of course, cramming an entire level’s worth of play into a single night will still net hardcore players more levels-per-week than a casual player, but casual players still have that handicap to help them keep up.

As a casual player myself, I am relieved to get this reward for spending what little time I have on League, but I am bummed that it comes at the cost of having any incentive to go hardcore. What do you think? Are you bummed, or excited? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up on Twitter @katsa09.

Earn Champions Faster

To be fair, Mortdog also pointed out that champions can be picked up at ~20% off whenever players earn champion shards, and this, coupled with the fact that we no longer have to spend currency on Runes, means players will be able to pick up champions at a much faster rate than before. This makes me so happy. With well over 100 champions in the game, I am glad that I can finally grow my collection and try out more playstyles instead of stressing about whether or not I should be spending that in-game-money on Runes instead.

To read the full Riot post, click here.

To read more about the changes to Runes in the preseason, click here.

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