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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Available Now

Big Star Games and Lionsgate have teamed up to make Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days an innovative top-down action-strategy shooter for the 25th anniversary of the classic Tarantino Film.

Big Star Games and Lionsgate Present…

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Using an innovative “Time Rewind” mechanic allowing players to jump back in time, this game breaks all the rules.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days gives the player the ultimate control. Rewinding time lets you jump back to save downed allies, or position yourself to execute complex tactics. With limited ammo and no health packs, you need to think strategically to make it through all 18 levels.

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“With Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, we wanted to pay respects to one of our favorite films of all time while offering something innovative with the license,” said Liam Patton, CEO, Big Star Games. “We created the ‘Time Rewind’ mechanic to let players toy with time just as Quentin Tarantino did, adding a new layer of strategy to top-down shooter games that will appeal to hardcore gamers and film fans alike.”

“We’re thrilled to give fans exciting new ways to interact with one of Lionsgate’s most iconic properties, Reservoir Dogs,” said Lionsgate President of Interactive Ventures and Games Peter Levin. “From day one, we’ve loved Big Star’s unorthodox vision for Bloody Days, and the game is shaping up to become something special.”

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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days puts the player in control of an iconic list of characters. From Mr. Blonde to Mr. White each character has their own passive abilities. Balance aggressive shooting, taking cover and stealing as much cash as you can to win. Snatching cash unlocks some sweet new weapons and opens levels.

With Unique Time-bending mechanics, Six of the most iconic and infamous bank robbers in movie history and awesome heists you’re sure to enjoy Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days. Get out there and spill some blood Coin Droppers. It’s on Steam right now for $14.99.

reservoir dogs

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