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Re:Legend Opens Kickstarter; Harvest Moon Meets Ark?

What better way for a crowd funded game to begin a Kickstarter campaign and immediately announce the addition of a renowned composer? Re:Legend does just that!

Re:Legend began its existence raising money, and started by adding major talent right away. Boy does it show! Shota Nakama, the creator of Video Game Orchestra, is on board. His most recent works include Final Fantasy XV and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and he joins the already highly talented crew of songsters, Falk Au Yeong and Yoshitaka Suzuki.

Re: Legend is a JRPG of epic, and totally cute proportions. When it was introduced into the Square-Enix collective, it was quickly backed and remains one of the best-supported games in the collective’s history. Now that it is on Kickstarter, it has already reached its most humble fund raising goals and shows no signs of stopping.

Magnus is dedicated to this title.

Developer Magnus games are showing how committed they are with this heavy duty line up of orchestral tunesmiths. Yeong and Suzuki have multiple credits including the metal gear and final fantasy franchises, as well as movie and anime productions. The addition of Nakama promises a stellar soundtrack, for a dynamic JRPG.

This game seems to have it all. What is being labeled as an all encompassing RPG simulator hybrid, Re: Legend seems to meld the social media simulation games with console game like story telling and game play. And so far it looks to be doing all this successfully. Head on over to their Kickstarter page and see if you can’t find a level to back them at. Rewards for financial backing range from early Beta access all the way up to boss battle producer, and an NPC of your very own. You know the company is taking this project seriously. The all star cast of composers shows it.

If you’re interested in backing the project, you still have plenty of time. Head on over to the Kickstarter in the link provided above. It’s currently only a PC title, but if certain stretch goals are met, we will see it on all the current generation platforms.

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