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Re: Legend Destroys Crowdfunding Goal At Over 600%

Re: Legend clears its Kickstarter target in 18 hours, it goes on to clear targets by nearly 700% making its way into the top 10 games crowdfunded.

Re: Legend will be coming to current-generation consoles as well as the originally planned PC version, confirmed by Magnus Games. Having cleared its target on Kickstarter in 18 hours, it finally topped out at just under $350,000 (£270,000) which is nearly a whopping seven-times its target of $51,000. Right up there with games like FTL (Faster Than Light), Superhot, and Divinity: Original Sin.

The game, being developed by Magnus Games, is touted as a “Co-op Monster Raising RPG” game. When I first saw it I rolled my eyes, thinking “This game just looks like a 3-dimensional Farmville”. As the trailer went on though, I saw a lot of elements that could make this a great, fun game. It’s a purely co-operative game involving base-building, creature taming, and combat.

You get to build bases, raise crops (both on land and in water), craft weapons and gear, tame monsters and go out into the wilds. There is a combat system that involves enemies big and small, bosses and co-operative fights. This game seems to have pretty much everything you can see from more modern-looking games like ARK: Survival Evolved. The developers have set their sights high.

The graphics are a cartoony cell-shaded style that has become popular in recent years. Games like Breath of the Wild are a brilliant showcase of how to do it right. It is a style of graphics that minimises the required resources without taking away from any of the shiny appearance.

Coming to Consoles

Like I mentioned above, this game will be coming to current generation consoles: Playstation 4, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch alongside the PC. This marks another game that has said that it will be released on the Switch before much of the game has been developed. I think that RPG games are where the Switch will be able to make its way forward. Having already had Skryim – one of Bethesda’s best-selling games – announced for the console, could we be seeing a resurgence of developers coming to the Switch? Perhaps I was too quick to announce its lack of support from the big guys. Only time will tell though.

I wouldn’t say that we are seeing the Switch stabilize, but rather carve itself out a nice niche. With that, we are beginning to see a brighter future for it. The Nvidia chip that is present in Nintendo’s consoles is on fighting terms with the higher end 9-series Nvidia cards. I can wonder what the true drawback of the Switch really is for other game developers. Perhaps it’s only the lack of sales, although, power was a common denominator mentioned by developers in the article above.

So what do you think of Re: Legend? Does this look like something you could see yourself playing? Lets us know in the comments below.

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