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Is PUBG Coming To PS4 Or Is Xbox Trying To Prevent That From Happening?

To say PUBG has been a success would be a massive understatement. With that success, launching on additional platforms makes sense, but is PUBG coming to PS4 players?

In the wake of Fortnite Battle Royale being announced and released, and BlueHole not being too happy about the way it was handled, there has been a wave of news for the game. So let’s dive right into it.

PUBG was a massive success the moment it released on PC earlier this year and has already sold over 10 million copies on PC alone. With the imminent Xbox One version looming ever closer, many PS4 fans are wondering when, or even if it will come to their platform of choice. It has already been speculated that it will release on PS4 “eventually”, but nothing concrete had been confirmed yet.

BlueHole has recently shed some light on just that. The game was announced for an Xbox One launch later this year, with no mention of a PS4 version. However, the game’s creator, Brenden Green, has revealed that the studio is already in talks with Sony to bring a version of the game to PlayStation players after the Xbox One version hits digital shelves. Here is the statement;

“Chang says his company has had talks with all major console companies about bringing PUBG to a broader audience. Microsoft Corp. will launch the title exclusively on Xbox later this year. Bluehole is in talks with Sony about introducing a version for the PlayStation after that.”

It would all seem great for PS4 fans, as it’s now confirmed to be coming to PS4 sooner rather than later right? Well, not all seems stacked in their favor as it seems Microsoft is trying to keep PUBG as an exclusive for a longer period of time. Whether that means forever, or just for bit longer remains unknown, but here is what we know.

The game is being exclusively published on Xbox One by Microsoft, which does give them certain rights for a period of time (whatever their agreement signed says). According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is trying to keep it for longer due to the game’s popularity. Here’s a quote from their article;

” South Korea’s Bluehole Inc. has agreed to produce the game for Microsoft first by the end of the year and is likely to give the company a longer period as the solo console, said the people, asking not to be identified because the matter is private. Games are typically offered exclusively for about three months to encourage people to buy a particular console, so Xbox may have the game to itself until the middle of next year or longer.”

So what does this mean for PS4 users? Likely that they still have 6-9 months before they can play the game, perhaps longer. Is it the end of the world? Not really, but considering it is the most popular game available right now, it is disappointing.

For a similar experience, the previously mentioned Fortnite: Battle Royale is completely free of charge, so it’s worth looking into. I have seen mixed reviews, but it seems like it’s a worthy adversary to PUBG.

What do you think? Is this whole fiasco even on your radar? If so, what do you plan to play it on once it’s on all platforms? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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