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PSVR Gets A New Model That Supports HDR Passthrough

PSVR has been pretty successful so far, especially compared to its more expensive counterparts. With this success, Sony has announced an improved PSVR unit.

If you snatched up PSVR last year like I did, this might be a bit perturbing, considering it hasn’t even been a full year yet. However, it is just as exciting to see it getting continued support, and heartening to know that Sony hasn’t forgotten about it like they have with previous peripherals. With over 1 million units confirmed sold in June, and an estimated 1.8 after shortly after that, it’s likely above 2 by now. Compare that to the competition, as well as its continued support, it’s no wonder they’re willing to improve on the original design.

The new unit was announced on the on the official PlayStation Blog PSVR FAQ and it gives us a few details. They look like this in a snapshot:

– New Model # CUH-ZVR2
– Updated Design
– The ability to Integrate the Stereo headphone cables
– Slimmer, streamlined connection cable
– Updated HDR-compatible Processor Unit

No release date has been announced just yet, and the features are mostly quality of life improvements, but they are still nice none the less. Especially for those who haven’t jumped into the VR pool yet.

Sadly, if you own the original unit, you can’t just grab the new processor unit and call it a day because of the new streamlined cables mentioned above won’t work. So if you want these extra features, you’ll have to shell out full price for it.

Sony also didn’t mention what the price would be, given the old PSVR unit got a small price drop recently, it’s possible this will come out at the original price of $399. But we could also see Sony keeping it at the discounted price to get more people interested.

Be sure to stay tuned as more information becomes available, as well as all things gaming related.

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