• 70 Million PS4 Sales

The PS4 is on Track to Pass the PS3’s Lifetime Sales

The PS4 reached 70 million lifetime sales, putting it on track to beat the PS3’s 83 million.

The PS4 has been on a good run since it launched in 2013. As of December 3rd of this year, the console has hit 70 million sales. To put this in context, 70 million puts the PS4 on track to beat the PS3’s 83 million lifetime sales, perhaps as soon as 2018.

To add a bit more context, this number is less than half the PS2 units sold at 155 million. While PS4 still has time to close the gap, it doesn’t seem likely at their current yearly rate.

That’s not to say that the PS4 isn’t doing well. While we don’t have any updated numbers yet, as of November 4th the Xbox One had only sold 30 million units, putting it far behind the PlayStation competition. And while Nintendo Switch has done well in its first year, selling 10 million copies in nine months, it will have to pick up the pace significantly if it wants to close that 60 million gap over the next three years.

Do you find these numbers surprising? Enlightening? Totally expected? Let us know in the comments.

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