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  • Screenshot from CaptainFlowers Bronze Stream

Professional eSport Shoutcaster, CaptainFlowers, Cast Bronze-Tier League of Legends Games – And it Was Glorious

Tide pods, Republicans, and Bunging Geese. The CaptainFlowers Bronze stream was meme gold.

Once upon a time, a lowly Bronze player tweeted at the professional League of Legends shoutcaster, CaptainFlowers.

The humble Bronze player asked, “Please, sir. Will you cast my Bronze stream?”

To which CaptainFlowers replied, “I shall tell you what. If you can claim one thousand retweets on your humble tweet, I shall cast your Bronze solo queue game.”

And so it was, that CaptainFlowers was roped into casting a Bronze solo queue game.

And he went all out, recruiting his dear friend Azael to shoutcast with him, and setting up A1 League of Legends stat cards.

Sion Player Card Captain Flowers Stream

But seriously, all goofiness aside, this stream was a blast. CaptainFlowers and Azael were relentlessly entertaining, managing to put a positive spin on nearly everything the Bronze players did.

When players relentlessly pursued Brawler’s Gloves above all else:

“Gloves seem easier to hold. Like, five swords, hard to hold. But 5 gloves? Easy.”

When it was revealed that the mid laner had not placed a single ward all game:

“Important fact: wards do not do damage.”

But CaptainFlowers was not impervious to faux pas’ himself. The alert sound from Metal Gear solid randomly accompanied early stages of the stream, to which CaptainFlowers humbly apologized and explained that it was from a hosting notification, and he had no idea how to turn it off.

This being Twitch, viewers immediately took to their keyboards, and the stream became inundated with MSG alerts. Spoiler alert: CaptainFlowers learned how to turn it off.

Then there was the time when CaptainFlowers mispronounced a player’s name, calling them, “Tidepod.” That player was henceforth known as Tidepod.

Screenshot from CaptainFlowers Bronze Stream

Over the course of the stream, many more shenanigans ensued, with such fan favorites as “BungMyGoose,” “DaddyFatCock,” and “TheRepublican” making appearances on the stream.

In the end, the credits rolled, viewers were granted a post-credits surprise, and a good time was had by all.

If you would like to experience the stream for yourself, CaptainFlowers has gracefully made a VoD available here.

Are you a fan of these shenanigans? Or do you take umbrage with the audacity of it all? Let us know in the comments, or come find us on Twitter.

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