Feed the Rumor Mill: Playstation 5 to Release this Year?

Breadcrumbs may suggest a 2018 release of the next generation of Sony console, according to subscription news service Semiaccurate. Will we be seeing the Playstation 5 before 2019?

Playstation 5 evolution
Probably Not

Word on the street is that the prediction is mostly based on the number of developer kits Sony has distributed for the Playstation 5. Although Semiaccurate has a history of, uh, semi-accurate prophecies, a 2018 release of the Playstation 5 is too optimistic. We are already through Q1 of 2018 with little word from Sony about what should be a massive marketing campaign. Sales of the PS4 are still holding strong. Microsoft is still aiming for a 2020 release for the next XBox. Sony has no reason to rush this.


If leaked hardware specs are true, they definitely shouldn’t be rushing. The specs don’t actually specify much, but we hear the Playstation 5 may provide a VR experience out of the box. This would make it the first major console to ship VR to the masses at release. To expect console devs to generate satisfactory release titles incorporating new tech in so little time would be ambitious to say the least. A VR release also sets to further distinguish Sony from the competition, as Nintendo has recently stated it has little interest in the technology.

All said, the Coin-Drop crew is pretty confident that 2018 will not see the next generation of Sony. I’m predicting a release sometime between Summer 2019 and Fall 2020.

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