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The Pit People Full Release Has Arrived

Pit People, a tactics style game from The Behemoth, has finally left early access.

The time has come to once again enter the world that has been fractured, and this time, with all its content available!

Pit People, from The Behemoth, had been in early access for a little over a year, but now it is finally out! The full release of this game is available on Xbox One and PC. Let me share what’s new in this full release:

Your Mom Forest:

In the full release, more regions allow players to find extra side quests and more enemies to fight. Thanks to the map changing between regions, you can always enjoy discovering new places and their side quests. And the humor that is expected from The Behemoth is all over Pit People. With locations such as Your Mom Forest, you can always look forward to a good laugh.

Exploring the world of Pit People doesn’t feel forced or tedious. Exploration is a fun journey often rewarded with something new to see, or a pun waiting to be found, with 200 regions waiting for everyone. My sense of humor is horribly bad, and I found myself choking with laughter at the names of certain places. The one that made my day, the aforementioned Your Mom Forest.

The Story is Out! For You and Your Friends!

You can play the story in single player mode, or in co-op mode either locally or online. And of course, you also have control over the difficulty, meaning you can enjoy the full Pit People experience by having someone at your side laughing at the jokes, or by getting frustrated with the Insane Mode. So get ready, the story is waiting for you to get in it.

pit people

Are you ready for the Unfair Challenge?

The Arena is once again in full force. You can fight against other people online one-on-one, or experience the full madness of PvP in a 4-player clash. And let us not forget, the full release brings Permadeath mode to the table. That’s right, Permadeath. When the character is gone, you will have no way of bringing it back. Hope you didn’t spend hours on that character who got wiped out in a moment of bad luck.


The team from The Behemoth have done a great job with Pit People, and I think everyone should be willing to try this fun take on tactic games. The soundtrack, the gameplay, and the puns all get together to offer us a game that brings out the best in tactics and The Behemoth.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get into action and enter the world of Pit People.

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