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Pit People’s Full Release Is Just Around The Corner!

Pit People is leaving the pit of early access. The full version will be released on March 2nd, 2018!

Pit People! The tactics game developed by The Behemoth will be fully released in less than 10 days. That’s right, the full version is coming out on March 2nd of this year. If you’re a fan of tactics games but you’re not sure if Pit People is the game for you the boy do we have some good news. We actually wrote a review about Pit People last year remember?

Now, I never stopped fighting in the arena of Pit People, but I will definitely start a whole new campaign when Pit People gets fully released. This will be the 6th update to the game for those who were on the early access and I must say, I find myself excited to clash in the world of Pit People and once again. Listening to the voice of Will Stamper in the role of the evil and power hungry narrator for Pit People never gets old. Pit People will launch on Xbox One and PC. Sorry PS4 fans but it looks like Pit People won’t be coming to PS4 at the same time. However, never give up hope of a future release.

A Full Release and New Content

The full game will be bringing not only the complete story with cinematics but will also include  15 additional bonus missions, are you ready for them? Balance changes and improvements are coming too to make the experience more enjoyable. However, the specifics about all the changes won’t be available until the official release in March.

Pit People is an exciting twist on the tactics style due to the comedy that accompanies the game. It’s funny how they play with some cliches in tactical games, and how they try to give a reason for the usual stuff we see in them. Will Stamper’s humor and narration adds a deep level of fun and comedy to the game that really sets it apart from other tactics games. The team at The Behemoth has put a lot of effort into Pit People. If your a fan of tactics games, trust me, the game is great and you can be sure it will be fun.

I invite you to play Pit People and have some fun with its silly humor. If you are not into tactics games, it should still prove to be a fun game to try.

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