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Optic Gaming Win CWL Stage 2 Beating EnVyUs Four Times

Optic Gaming win Stage 2 CWL, beating Envyus four times in best of 5 games to take home $212,500.

Optic Gaming Win CWL Stage 2, Beating EnVyUs 4 Times!

After a tournament performance of TWELVE match wins and only a single, solitary loss no one can deny their #1 ranking. During the whole tournament, their game statistics were insane with 36 game wins and only 12 losses. They leave the tournament with a whopping $212,500 in winnings and have righted their ship despite faltering in the second round of the playoffs. If ever there was a moral to the story that fits life and gaming, it has to be this one: Despite getting knocked down, they stepped right back up to the plate and crushed the remaining opposition.

After winning in dramatic style in the groups, unfortunately, their form faltered in the second winner’s round in the playoffs to a team seated nine places lower than them. Team eUnited beat them in convincing fashion with a 3-0 victory seeing them through to the 4th round in the winner’s bracket against EnVyUs. eUnited’s run through the tournament was abruptly shut down in their next game, losing 3-0 to EnVyUs.

Optic gaming seemed to get their heads back on straight for a nail-biting 3-2 victory over Faze Clan, a team with which they have a long-standing rivalry. OG didn’t seem to slow down through the Loser’s bracket, carving a bloody, salty swathe through the remaining teams. They secured their place in the final versus nV with a 3-2 victory over the team that knocked them into the Loser’s bracket: eUnited. Oh, how sweet that retribution must’ve tasted!

There’s a level of respect I have for Optic after going the longest possible route to the final, having to play a grueling SIX games to get there as opposed to nV’s three. Perhaps this played some part in their double best of five against the tumultuous team who perhaps had too much respite between games. It’s an issue that you also see in Counterstrike: Teams that make it through the groups swiftly, falter in the latter rounds of the playoffs.

I think Optic Gaming have firmly re-established their dominance in the world of Call of Duty. Having had to play 3 of the other top six teams in the world (as ranked by Dexerto): Faze, EnVyUs, eUnited and Luminosity. Not only did they only concede one match in the entire tournament, they beat the world number four a total of 4 times in a best of five series. During those matches, they only conceded a TOTAL of FOUR games. What a way to win! Going through the longest route, playing more matches than any other team and having the best win percentage of any other team present at the event.

Their route through the tournament is as follows:

Group Stage:

Played against Cloud 9, won 3-0, won 3-1

Played against EnVyUs, won 3-2, won 3-0

Players against Epsilon, won 3-0, won 3-0

In the Playoffs:

Played Fnatic, won 3-0

Played eUnited, lost 3-0. Placed in the Loser’s Bracket as a result

Played FaZe, won 3-2

Played Luminosity Gaming, won 3-0, LG are eliminated as a result

Played eUnited, won 3-2, eliminating eUnited and making it to the final!

In the final, as mentioned above, they had to play EnVyUs twice as nV hadn’t dropped a match and had 2 lives left. Optic Gaming won both games 3-1. Effectively taking a best of 10 with a score of 6-2.

Well played Optic, you really have demonstrated your calibre and mettle. Full details of the results can be found here:  CWL Stage 2 Results

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