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Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator Xbox One Review – Paula

“Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!” -Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The above quote basically sums up the glory that is “Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator.” With music straight out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and references to elderberries and hamsters aplenty, this game is a must have for any Monty Python fan. But even if you haven’t seen any of Monty Python’s works, you will still find plenty to laugh at in this fantastic game.

The premise of the game is simple: insult your opponent in a gentlemanly fashion by assembling a string of words Mad Lib style into the most potent mockery you can muster. Although it’s not as simple as pulling words out of a hat. Your opponent has access to the same pool of words as you do, and thus can steal desired words away. So it’s important to place them into your own beautifully crafted slander sentence before they can. However, it’s important to note that grammar matters.

If you try to toss in something that doesn’t grammatically make sense, the game will deduct 3 points and tell you to, “Learn some grammar.” There are a few other aspects you can use to your advantage as well, such as sipping tea to shuffle your hand, or targeting your opponent’s insecurities. Altogether, the mechanics of the game make for a surprisingly intricate strategy.

Let’s not allow such serious things like strategy get in the way of your fun. “Oh… Sir!” is an insult simulator, after all! The developers really tapped into that Monty Python sense of humor. With goofy character backstories and preposterous levels that set the stage for the ridiculous battles that ensue. An old lady and H.P. Lovecraft argue over a liver in the E.R.? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Dead Body - Oh... Sir!

“Oh… Sir!” is excellent for parties or simply playing with friends. As one of the few current generation games that allow you to compete from the same couch. This game will have you playfully bludgeoning each other with ridiculous ridicules in no time, and those watching will easily be pulled into the action. In my time with the game, I managed to get my parents to come over and play it on a family game night, to much success. My mom and my husband sat on one couch, watching closely and calling out which words we should choose, while my dad and I giggled as we plugged in our own choices and let the mayhem ensue. Even with non-gamers, this game is great.

That being said, much like the beloved card game Cards Against Humanity, the content in “Oh… Sir!” quickly gets old. With only five levels and limited dialogue options, the repetitive lines can start to wear thin. Although, the developers seem to be aware of this. As they have been steadily releasing new characters, and have even released a spin-off game based on Hollywood Icons.

If they can keep this up, and expand the stages and dialogue options, I can see this game staying fun and relevant for a while to come. Much like Cards Against Humanity has managed with its steady release of expansions. Of course, expansions or no, if you encounter a friend who has never played “Oh… Sir!” it is always fun to pull it out once more just to experience the humor anew through their eyes.

Naughty Conversation - Oh... Sir!

Despite the fact that the majority of “Oh… Sir!” can be completed in a single sitting, that doesn’t mean it can’t pull you in for hours beyond the initial playthrough. If you are competitive like me, then the online multiplayer is a fantastic place to be. Having grown numb to the humor, I found myself pulled into the subtle strategy of the game, playing the online multiplayer for hours straight to the tune of that familiar mantra: “Just one more game.” While it may not be the edgiest multiplayer game out there, it is certainly addicting.

Speaking of multiplayer, there is one thing I would love to see done with this game: an April Fool’s eSport showcase match. With eSports becoming a rising force these days, with higher stakes and bigger hype than ever before, it would be fantastic to see the industry take a step back and poke some fun at how serious the scene has become. And “Oh…Sir!” is the perfect game to deliver that. I’m imagining a pair of eSports legends, frowning in concentration as they square off for the match of their lives. Starkly contrasted by a big screen over their head with British gentlemen insulting each others’ mothers, and the audience laughing their butts off. It would be glorious.

As a game that was originally developed in a 48 hour game jam, and for the meager $3 price tag in the Xbox Store, I would say that, “Oh… Sir!” More than delivers its value. And since new content is regularly added at no additional cost, I would say that this value will continue to grow over time.

Overall, I highly recommend “Oh… Sir!” to anyone who is looking to have a good laugh. But be prepared, you may be left wanting more.

Right in the Feels - Oh... Sir!

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