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New Tomb Raider Trailer Reveals Differences Between the Games & the Movie

While the first Tomb Raider trailer ticked off all the obligatory boxes for fans of the games, trailer #2 takes a step back to reveal the story as a whole.

A new trailer for Tomb Raider was released today, and it has fans conservatively hopeful. While the first trailer merely ticked off the boxes for what fans expected from a rebooted Tomb Raider movie, the second trailer upped the action and included a remake of the song “I’m a Survivor,” which was perfect for this new Laura Croft. Fans are still hesitant after the flop of such video game movies as Assassin’s Creed, but we can’t help but be sucked into the action displayed by the new trailer.

But the trailer held more than just action and a catchy tune. This new trailer also shows us more of Laura before she got on the ship to Yamatai. It speaks more to her relationship with her father. And it reveals a key divergence from the story of the video games. In the games, Laura had her “coming of age” in the first reboot, and then chased her father in the second. In the movie, the two arcs will be combined.

In the trailer we see the villain tell Laura, “Seven years I’ve been on this island. Your father? He put me here.” This island he’s trapped on holds the tomb of the Mother of Death, which Laura must close before Trinity gets their hands on what’s inside. While this new arc may sound a bit flat compared to the arcs from the games, it promises fans that they will have something new to look forward to, rather than a step for step remake of the games.

Personally, I think this new storyline will be cliché and unexciting, but I don’t care. I believe this will be one of those movies where the action alone will make the movie worth watching.

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