• Another Wave of Animals Comes to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The New “Rustic” Class Arrives in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A new “rustic” class of animals has arrived in AC:PC, bringing new amenities, furniture, and a limited time leveling boost.

We’ve seen it once before in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: a new group of animals arrives and brings a week-long “Host the Most” event which accelerates friendship leveling.

All of that is back, with seven new animal friends: Marshal, Mitzi, June, Drake, Vesta, Goose, and Avery. And of course, we get all the new furniture that comes with them.

But this time we are getting more than just animals and furniture.

Joining the ranks of cool, cute, sporty, and natural comes the new class: rustic, complete with its own set of amenities.

Players can unlock the new rustic tent, canvas hammock, and- wait. Is that a hot-air balloon?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp rustic amenity hot air balloon

It seems the AC:PC content train is showing no signs of slowing.

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