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New Mech Skins Announced For Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm recently released a trailer for its newest Mech Skins!

Blizzard sure knows how to show when new stuff is coming in an explosive way, a great example was the Call of Kel´thuzad.

Now, Blizzard has done it again and we get to see the new Mech Skins for three of the heroes that fight in the Nexus! That’s right, Abathur, Rehgar, and Tyrael are all getting legendary skins.

In two minutes of fast-paced action and fast camera changes that bring harkens back to any Mecha Anime ever. We can see the future is at risk with Xenotech Abathur and his horde, can Mecha Tyrael and Mecha Rehgar save us?!  As always Blizzard did a good job showing us this new content in their unique way that we have come to expect, like the videos for Overwatch lore as Honor and Glory and Rise and Shine.

Once again you can test all the features of the new Mech skins in the Nexus by entering in the game and checking out the featured tab in the store and entering “Try Mode” which is great for those unsure of which legendary skin is their favorite. One of the greatest features Heroes of the Storm offers players is the chance to try content before buying. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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