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NA LCS Finals: Will Immortals Change LCS History?

In the history of NA LCS, only three teams have claimed the trophy: TSM, CLG, and C9. The Immortals are the first team since 2013 to challenge that pedigree.

Across nine seasons of the NA LCS, TSM has made every final, facing only C9 or CLG (with the exception of the first season against Good Game University.) This year is no exception for TSM, as they have met all expectations and demolished Dignitas to secure their place in the finals once more. But this time, they won’t be facing their usual rivals. After battling their way past CLG, the Immortals have usurped the status quo and will challenge TSM for the NA LCS title.

Why is this such a big deal? Because regardless of how poorly CLG, C9, or TSM have played in a regular season, when it comes to playoffs, they have never shared the spotlight. Not only are these three teams the most dominant, they are also the oldest. Out of the ten teams participating in the 2017 Summer Split, only four teams have been playing in the NA LCS since the inaugural year. I bet you can guess which ones. Thanks to the relegation system, LCS teams that have a bad split are booted from the league, meaning that most teams only last a couple of seasons. By surviving ten seasons, these three teams have demonstrated that they are not going anywhere. And with every season their dominance grows as they leverage their experience over their younger competition. It seemed no one could break into their coveted clique at the top.

Until Immortals arrived. In their first season they dominated the standings, rising to the top and picking up the first seed going into the semifinals. But TSM was not going to be denied their spot in the finals, and handed the Immortals a clean 3-0 defeat. Since then, Immortals have continued to show strong performances, lurking in the shadows of their older brethren as they waited for their chance. (Aside from last split where they didn’t make the top four, but obviously that loss pushed them harder this split.) Last weekend they found that chance, finally stepping into the spotlight to face off against big brother TSM.

But will their story end here? Will TSM maintain their dominance and send the Immortals back home? Or will the Immortals finally see their winning flag displayed in the NA LCS Studio?

The finals will be held in Boston on Sunday, September 3rd. You can watch online at lolesports.com

CLG will face Dignitas on Saturday, September 2nd for third place. Also streamed live at lolesports.com

NA LCS Immortals

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    I like your take on that. This newbie just got addicted again to watching. Thank you !